How would you like you're ship to be included in a plug-in?

OK, i need a lot of ship ideas here for a plug-in. So if you have a ship that you really thinks kicks @$$, list it here and if it's REALISTIC and it's good, then i'll include it. List the weapons and and outfits you get for it, in order of importance because i might not be able to include all of them.

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One idea of mine is a ship with pretty good weaponry in a maneuverable ship, kinda like an Aradas. Here are the specs:

Maneuverability: Pretty good, about the same as an Arada, except a little better.

Shields: About twice as good as an Aradas.

Armor: About three times as good as an Aradas.

Weapons: 1. 2 SAD Launchers, 24 SADs. 2. 2 Phase Turrets. 3. 1 Rear Phase Cannon. 4. 1 Dispersal Rocket Launcher, 6 Dispersal Rockets.

Cargo and Weapon Space: A little better than an Aradas.

P.S. Which government does this ship have to belong to? What is its government affiliation?


No, i meant ships you've had - ceritan ships that were already in the game and how you've outfitted them to be better. I'm looking to max out the "Personal" ships (S.S. Sparky, etc.).

Sorry for being unclear about that.

"Don't worry - that red flashing light proably doesn't mean anything..."
"Then why did the escape pod just launch?"
"Oh s###!"


No. My ship.

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Originally posted by Hunter2:
**No, i meant ships you've had - ceritan ships that were already in the game and how you've outfitted them to be better. I'm looking to max out the "Personal" ships (S.S. Sparky, etc.).

Sorry for being unclear about that.

I think that among player ships that fly around in the crescent, one of the
most common and important outfits is ARMOR.

How about this is a ****ing dumb idea, sounds like your to lazy to do anything in your plugin if you can't come up with düdes on your own.

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Really.. it's not that difficult to come up with ship ideas.... oh, I have an idea.... you see, this ship is like the Voinian Dreadnaught.... but, it flies like an Arada. You catch that? Yeah, it's got 1500 armor... oh, but it was also modified by the Adzgari, so it also has recharging shields (500).... so, here are the stats:

Picture: Voinian Deadnaught
Size: Voinian Deadnaught
Weapons: 5 Neutron Turrets, 5 Phase Turrets
Secondaries: Zidagar Bay + 2 fighters, Pursuit missile launcher + 25 missiles
Fuel: 20 jumps
Time for Jump: 1 day
Addons: 1 Cloaking Device, 1 Needle Jammer, all the regular sensor **** (pod, ECM, etc, etc)
Space: 400
Cargo: 700

And some other random stuff. Is this a good ship or what? Well.. I'm worried that it might take damage from powerful ships like the Azdara (sp?)....

sheeeeeeesh. come up with your own damn ships.

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Name: Crescent Scoutship

PICT: Scoutship

Weapons: 3 Swivel Phase Cannons

Shields: 35

Armor: 5

Cost: 19,500

Maneuverability, Speed, Acceleration: Normal, same as the UE scoutship

NOTE: This is not just an idea, I really did fly this ship for a while. You can make up what the other specs are.


Why cant you find some names for your own plugings yourself....? Are ya too lazy? Do you mean things like S.S. Excelsior and stuff or just the description?

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heres one:
3 swivel phase cannons
3 phase turrets
2 dispy rocket launchers
all dispy rockets possible
all mass expansions possible
20 tons extra space upgrade
maneuverability upgrades
name:S.S.Crackhead Joe

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I don't think you guys are getting it, he wants you to describe your own pilot and ship so he can put in his plug in.


Name: A.S.S. Crescent
Ship: Crescent Fighter
Weapons: 4 Phase Cannon's
Exp. Shield Generator, Shield Generator, 4 Shield Enhancer's, Fuel Scoop or 2, Afterburner, External Fuel Tank or 2, Azdgari Upgrade, ECM System, Needle Jammer, Nebula Penetration Device, Sensor Upgrade.

and you have a good fighter for the Crescent 🙂


The Warps.

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SS Dripping Chipmunk
SS ShadeOfBlue (crescent Warship :))
SS Crud
SS Flesh Wound
SS Nebraska
SS Ares
SS Yoda
SS Mr. Rodgers (target practice)
SS Blue Angel (also a crescent Warship :D)
SS Einstein
SS Ambrosia (Vionian Dreadnought)
SS Wrongfully Accused
SS ™
SS Tantive VI (for us StarWars Fans)
SS 1Way
SS Altair
SS iMac
SS Bird Business
SS Microscopic (shuttle)
SS Sphynx
SS Some Fat Kid
SS Supernova
SS King Aurther
SS Water Bottle
SS Baby Bottle
SS Butt Bubble
SS Bubble Butt (for variety between the above)
SS Glitch (hail and it says, "Hi, I'm just a glitch in this Plug-in...")
SS Mothball
SS Dustbunny
SS Captain Kirk
SS Crunchy
SS Sirloin Steak
SS Nose Hair
SS 12:34 P.M
SS Old Mayan Sauce
SS SSSSS (he only had an "s" stencil :D)
SS Seething
SS Oh, Nevermind
SS Stupid (need I say more?)
SS Lemon
SS Broken Hardrive (I hate it when that happens!)
SS Poodle
SS Hamster
SS Knock Knock
SS Catortionist (No, I didn't misspell it, I think)
SS Das Freaky
SS Grape Juice
SS Button
SS Zipper
SS Databug
SS Needs a Shower

My personal ship:

Name: S.S. Botany Bay (watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn if you don't know what I'm talking about

Picture: UE Cruiser


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Crescent Warship:

4 phase turrets
Cres Bay + 3 Cres fighters
Dospect Armor
Needle Jammer
Nebulae Penetration Device
IFF Decoder
UE Cloaking Device
2 External Fuel Tanks
Density Scanner
2 Fuel Scopes
Engine Upgrade
4 Shield Enhancers
Thrust Upgrade
ECM System
RCS Upgrade
Systems Upgrade
Zidagar ECM System


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name:U.S.S Holo Cast
UE Destroyer
same but
REGULAR WEAPONS + needle missle:75


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Am I the only one who flies around in a Lazira?

And am I the only one who doesn't prefix my ships' names with "SS "?

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My UE-friendly character generally names his ships as follows:

Gravity's Rainbow
Miss American Pie
Divided by Zero

...not sure he'd want any of his hardware to be included in a plug created by someone who can't spell, though:

How would you like you're ship to be included in a plug-in?
-- should read --
How would you like your ship to be included in a plug-in?

If you are going to go to the trouble of creating an expansion to EV, please get a friend with good English to proof-read the text with care. I imagine I'm not alone in assuming that typos and bad grammar in a plug indicate a lack of attention to detail, so it's probably bad in other ways. It might be impossible to use, or it might maul my pilot file.

Happy to help anyone who wants a proof-reader... providing they're an established plug builder.

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Hellbringer - UE Cruiser

Weapons: 5 phase turrets
3 SAE launches
50 SAE modules
Dispersal launcher
20 Dispesal rockets
UE fighter bay
4 UE fighters

Add-ons: 4 mass expansions
Nebular penertration device
ECM system

And it's not finished yet, i need some more money
it will have engine upgrades and stuff. 😄


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