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For all those who dont visit the B+B board, you wont know that I am writing a story... I would post it on the chronicles, but seeing as I submitted the prologue on monday and it hasnt appeared yet, I wont bother...

Anyways, I will post the prologue and Part 1 here now. I will be releasing a part every day (roughly), so either check the B+B board, or have a look at (url="http://"") for the latest part.

Anyways, the prologue and part 1... enjoy...


Fight for Freedom: Prologue

The year is 2352, the place is Sigma Orionis II, one of mankind's newest conquests.
Inside the bar, gathered around a space veteran, are a group of young, and not so young pilots. Everyone is happy.
However, as the veteran is saying, it has not always been this way. Our drink arrives, and we go over and sit near to the veteran to listen to his story.
"It hasnt always been like this. Once upon a time, we were slaves." he nods to a plaque on the wall. "To our forefathers who died for our freedom. Come closer, and I will tell you a story. This is no fiction which I have put together, but real, and is a warning to us."

Mankind leapt for the stars as it did for all its other frontiers. With greed for the riches to be had and ignorance of the forces it was dealing with. It was a huge mistake.
After they had pushed beyond the borders of their own system, they probed further afield, and after several centuries of exploration, had amassed quite a tidy space empire that spanned over 20 systems. Given time, this became very wealthy, and it was this wealth that attracted some unwelcome guests.

Within hours, even minutes, the outer systems had been destroyed. Before Earth had learned of the invaders, they were already amassing just beyond Pluto. Mankind had no hope of survival.

Within a day, the aliens had decimated the empire which mankind had built. Most humans had been killed, except the few that the aliens had decided to keep for 'entertainment'.
These were lost as the alien force put them into old ships, and ordered them to fight. The prize was life, to lose was death.

The humans did not think much of this, and used every ounce of their power to overthrow their opressors, but their power was too great. The revolution of 2150 may have killed over 500 aliens, but reduced the human population by 75%. The remaining humans resigned to spending the rest of their lives as a form of entertainment, not knowing when they would be called to be killed.

The year is 2280, the alien's reign of terror is still going strong. However, all is not as quiet as it seems...
In one compound on Earth, a group are secretly plotting to overthrow the force. They are wiser than those involved in the revolution 130 years earlier, and have been continuing plans laid down by their fathers. This is their story.

Part 1

In a cell block deep underneath the surface of Earth, five people were talking in hushed voices. Around them, corridors ran off into the impenetrable darkness. The silence around them was occasionally broken by the moan of someone injured in the days' fighting.
"I'm telling you Ben, this will never work." whispered one.
"Look Kilvain, it is very simple. You are being called to the arena tomorrow." said Ben. "I will shoot you around a bit, and then you will self-destruct your ship."
"I understand that bit." said Kilvain. "That's easy, the next part is difficult."
"It's a risk" agreed another.
"I'll agree with you that far Gildor." replies Kilvain. "The chances against it are astronomical."
"It's worth a try." said another, who called himself Shade. No-one knew his real name.
"Guys, can I get back to what I was saying." interrupted Ben haughtily. "Before your ship goes up, you will get into your escape capsule. Hopefully, I will be in the way enough so our captors will not see it. It wont show up on radar..."
"You sure of that?" interrupted Shade.
"Yes, something three meters long will not show up. Gildor will back me up on that one." replied Ben. Gildor nodded. Ben continued.
"Anyway, hopefully, you will go into lunar orbit, which during the lunar night, will collapse and you will crash-land on the moon. You will then get out and find our group on the moon, and give them the other comms. unit."
"And because Im dead, no-one will look for me." said Kilvain.
"Exactly!" replied Shade. "That's the nice part about it."
"Besides." added the fifth, a diminutive figure. "We know these aliens are superstitious. Your clothes will be battered, so you could pretend to be a ghost of sorts."
Gildor s######ed. "You would know about that wouldnt you Zelda, we've heard of some of the things you get up to."
Zelda stood up, her eyes gleaming.
"Why you..."
Shade knocked her back down. "Will you shut up Zelda, if you go and bitch now, we run the risk of a guard coming down, and then we have some explaining to do." Zelda sat back down, and glared at Gildor.
"And then, when we can establish contact, maybe we can get something going on the convoys." said Gildor. "and then maybe something might happen."
Just then, there was the sound of distant footsteps.
"Guard!" hissed Kilvain. "Let's go."
"Ok. Good luck tomorrow guys." added Shade as he dived back to his cell.
Within seconds, there was no sign of the meeting, and the darkness had returned to the area.



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