ideas you would like to see in the next ev

like i said i would like to hear everyones ideas on features. but dont b***h me out about how they will never be incorpated just say your own ideas 🙂

I am the SuperStar Destroyer,
soon you will all feel my wrath
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

A jedi's strengh flows through
the force

luke do not underestimate the
powers of the darkside

I have acepted that you
were once Anakin Skywalker
my father

young jedi only now do
you truly understand the
powers of the darkside

check back, in an old post somewhere cotton moose (or mouse) said that ev3 should be fully 3d and free and you should get a g4 to run it on, and a tech support guy, ect ect.

i agree


There is another thread about this same topic. post in it. use it. love it. close this one.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Boss?"
"Of course not, don't ask stupid questions"

-- Loiosh & Vlad --