Weapons Range Question

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that computer ships have much better range for their weapons than I do. I mean, I was in a Crescent Warship with 4 phase turrets, attacking an Igazra. The thing could hit me from OFF THE SCREEN. The same with a different pilot.... I was playing in my own UE Cruiser with 5 turrets and was attacking a UE Cruiser..... the thing could hit me with blaze cannons while my phase cannons couldn't touch them....

Hmmm... I guess that isn't a question. that's a statement. oh well... my questions are, does anyone else experience this, and why does it happen that they have better range?

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That was probably an attempt to even out the AI problem that lets us use the monty pyhton!!

I encountered it when fighting Voinion Cruisers.

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this started happening to me in 1.0.2. some of the bigger computer ships had way better range than me and it was way harder to monty python them.

It only happens to me when the Voinians use Neutron Turrets. But then again, usually I can hit them too.

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Happens to me all the time when fighting major capital ships in 1.0.2.....The AI is harder to monty python but thats just fair....

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I noticed that the first time a bounty hunter popped up after upgrading to 1.0.2. We both had pulse cannons, but there were times when he would shoot at me, and I couldn't even see the little bastard, much less hit him.

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This has been observed since EVO 1.0.1, and IIRC, in 1.0.0. I don't know about EV. It's just a way to keep the computer from being too inferior to a human...by letting it cheat a little.

(I know AI is limited but things like that bug me. Even more so are things which aren't as blatantly cheating but are still unfair; for example, in Unreal Tournament you can set the computer to be deadly, inhumanly accurate at any range. Look out for that shock rifle! It can be very annoying. Just make 'em smarter and keep 'em from using the advantage the computer DOES have, I say. dreaming)


Reminds me of the matrix...


uhhhhhh, how does it remind you of the matrix? 😕

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Originally posted by Oedipus:
**uhhhhhh, how does it remind you of the matrix?😕

Sorry about that! It was a late night... (nothing more to be said) :D.
I think I was drawing a comparison between the abilities of the computer's AI as opposed to that of the human player. People get so used to how the AI in a certain game behaves that they can twist it to their own ends (classic example: Monty Python technique). That reminded me of the adventures of Neo in the movie matrix.


oh, yeah, it is kinda like that. you know, theres a word for that, and its manipulation

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