a little problem....

on EVO. When I start it up and go into a game, it will only refresh the display when I move the mouse. By which I mean the screen stays the same until it moves. This happen to anyone else? Anyone have any help to give? BTW, Im using executor, which might be the problem.


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There's a step by step guide for getting EVO to work (mostly) properly with Exectuor at: (url="http://"http://hammerand.virtualave.net/ev/install/pcee.html")http://hammerand.vir...stall/pcee.html(/url)
It's for the DOS version of Executor but if I recall correctly the Windows Executor is pretty much the same. Your specific problem is probably from the non-animation friendly default drawing mode of Executor, which is one of several things the checklist fixes.


Have no idea what youre talking about......Have never had a problem with EVO...

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