My Website is up!

My site and my board is up (YAHOOOOOOO 😄 😄 😄 :D)!!!

Just visit:


Visit, post, enjoy!

Feel the Jive
I'm not as think
as you stupid I am.

"If it weren't for my horse
I wouldn't have spent that year in college"
-Lewis Black

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The only web board with a monkey on a motorcycle.

(url="http://";=20&forum;=*EV/EVO+chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000036&startpoint;=")Captain's Journal: Pike (Part 1)(/url)

(url="http://"")Ą===< Feel the Jive >===!(/url)

Its cool...

"Terrorists are here to terrorise"!
-Quote from Vladmimir Ilich Ulianov alias Lenin-

Ugh. Okay. (url="http://"") a twenty minute site.

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