Voinia string mission

due to the upgrade i've had to restart my pilot, and seems how i've finished all the string missions in my previous game, except the voinia string, i decided to try the voinia string. I've got all but 4 of the voinia systems on my side, and my combat rtating is ultimate. But where do i go to start the string mission?


Pax. (Dogover system) But you can't have done ANY of the main UE missions, or the Miranu trade relations mission. (and thus, none of the strand missions either)

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Incorrect. You can initiate relations with the Miranu (the initial mission) and still be a Voinian. I don't know if going to Blaga and getting all the big trading missions prevents the string, but I know that you can open Diplomatic relations and still be all right.


PS - Being a Voinian means that your political status with the Miranu will deteriorate, starting with Blaga and working its way to the north.

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You can do 1 Blaga mission but if you extend 1 mission, you're screwd.. Happened to me when I tried....

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