Miranu Missions

Don't laugh at me.. but somehow I'm stuck. I'm on DSN-3587 at the miranu station at the nebula. I'm supposed to go to Mavs and clear out the Renegades. So, I do that, and I wait a while longer. No new renegades show up, so I go back to the Miranu Station at DSN-3587 and nothing happens, and the mission is still there. What am I doing wrong?


Go back and clear out the renegades again. sometimes it just takes a few tries. If nothing works, cancel the mission, go back to the planet and get the mission again.

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Well, I tried that three or four times, and I went back and got the mission again, but it still won't happen.


This happened to me on one of the Iggies missions...

One of the ships has jumped out of the system and the mission will not reset{jump out jump in and the ones that got away return}....

All you can do is abort and try to get it again..

In otherwords... Say hello to Mr. Bug.

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Have never had that kind of problems.......Jump out of the system after you have made clear that no ships are left, jump in and destroy absolutely everything, jump out, jump in and repeat this a fair bit of times.....Then go back...

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