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I read on the old EVO website that it was possible to have a legal status of "Beloved Ruler" or something like that in some systems. Does this mean that you can actually buy or become a ruler of a planet? If so when does this capability com into effect? 😕

There's a legal status that says that you're an "honored leader", but you never realy lead anyone. That status was probably from a plug-in. Honored Leader is the highest status you can get in normal EV.

I thought Pillar of Society was the highest.



Originally posted by AnaerobicShark:
I thought Pillar of Society was the highest.

Crime points / legal status:

-4096 = Galactic Scourge

-1024 = Prime Evil

-256 = Public Enemy

-64 = Fugitive

-16 = Felon

-4 = Criminal

-1 = Offender

0 = Clean

4 = Decent Individual

16 = Good Egg

64 = Upstanding Citizen

256 = Role Model

1024 = Pillar of Society

4096 = Honored Leader

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Why does Council station list me as Galactic Scourge? I think that its something to do with a mission bit, but I'm not sure. I know its mission related though. I couldn't possibly have killed 4096 crescent ships.

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I think the Council cites you for EVERY ship you kill........... andrew?

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Originally posted by Flatulence:
**I think the Council cites you for EVERY ship you kill........... andrew?


The object of the council is to bring peace between strands. Once you join a strand, they hate you. I have a Galactic Scourge too but I rarely enter the system.

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I think that as soon as you kill a single strand ship of any strand, you become a Galactic Scourge on Gadazir.

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