Realism in EV3, or EV4

I think that there should be some changes made to EV, to make it more realistic

1. To make you shields regenerate faster, or be stronger, you must buy new shield generators.

2. To make your ship move Faster, or Accelerate more quickly, you must buy a new engine, and to make your ship more maneuvorable, you must have hull modifications.

3. Capital Ships will always move slower, and be less maneuvorable than smaller ships, except in extreme situations.

4. Hyperspace time can be changed, but only at great expense.

5. Personal Fighters can be individually controlled. Example: Fighter 1, 2, and 3 will defend you against other fighters, while 4, 5, and 6, will concetrate on enemy capital ships.

6. Space Stations can have weapons, shields.

7. Turrets can target more than one ship, multiple targets for secondarys.

8. Shields, and armor can be damaged at the same time, and there should be port, starbord, bow, and aft shields.

9. If your ship is damaged, it will show in combat, (such as slower speeds, or no hyperdrive), until you repair your ship.

I probably should have put this post in one of the EV3 wish lists, but I also think that there should be an individual post for EV realism.

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I cry ditto to your thoughts! This is stuff I have also been thinking about for quite a long time. Now, I'm not a programmer, and I know I've had no experience with this sort of thing, but most of the items on your list are fairly minor, and most seem to be fairly easy to impliment into the game - but they all make a huge difference in the intensity and playability of the game.
I also agree with your comment that the capital ships should be more ponderous then they are in the game. In fact, the only real reason why they have to be that way is that it makes it easier to perform all the simple, and mundain tasks that the player has to do.
Think about it. In terms of realism, how do ships in real life perform these functions? They are basicly mobile cities, with all the faculties needed to do what they need to do. They have comm. centers, waste disposal (not that you would need that in EV3 😉 ), shuttle bays, fighter bays, drop ships, etc.
To do something like invade a planet or station, or take a disabled ship, you would have to use the drop ships and/or the shuttles and load them with crew members.
EV3 is going to be Good. And I'm sure that Ambrosia has already implemented many of these things. And so I am going to stop writing before I go to far (as Cotton Moose has said so eloquently before!)


  1. Don't make the Armor regenerate

  2. Don't make stars scroll, give the starfield some depth (like in Ares)

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You can assume in the game that your crew is repairing your armour



(as Cotton Moose has said so eloquently before!)

I'm sorry, I think you mean Cotton Mouse. I am Cotton Moose. See the difference.


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Nice try. But your reputation does not support you!


Um, guys, most of what you are requesting can be done with plugs in EVO, some of what you are suggesting are really bad ideas, and some things are good.

1-4 can be done in plugs.

5-9 good ideas.

8, 10 maybe a new shield system, armor being the last type of shield, maybe theres like 4 types of sheilds each with its own recharge rate, and some sheilds can block some things, and others can block others, armor blocks all things, but is slowly repaired. And maybe having sheilds seperated into 4 parts could be cool, but you'd probably want some way of sheilds equiling out slowly. Armor should defininetly use this because if missles pierce one side, you can't move armor from the other side.

11. No, not at all, getting rid of scrolling background is the worst idea you could possibly think of. You would have no way of telling how fast you are going and in what direction, try deleting the stars sprite from EV, id 700 and 701 in the graphics file, and replace it with a black icon, of 10x1. In ares the stars do scroll, but yes multiple layers of scrolling would be cooler.


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Chamrin is right. Several of those suggestions were actually in a single plug. Check out the Quantumire series for EV. It contains 1-4. A couple plugs have also made space stations into stationary ships with fleets and weaponry. Check Beyond The Crescent and look at the mission where you need to attack and destroy Crescent Station.

As for the others, aside from the stars, I've seen them in other games. A little Star Trek shareware game called Rescue! (oddly the same as a place in FF) has the features where certain ship areas (shields, phasers, torpedoes, impulse, etc.) can be disabled individually. You cannot use that function until that section of the ship is fixed. You also get little updates saying how many hours (game time) it will be until that area is repaired.

Damn, EV would be a tad odd though if all that stuff was added. It just wouldn't be EV to me anymore.

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You have a point, Forge. The most obvious example would be the EV3D idea, which would make it harder for people to make addons for it - which is pretty much the whole point of EV.
But still, I would appreciate more tactics.
But then again, who am I to complain! After all, it's just a game (a good game never the less).


most of the suggestions would be fairly easy to program, but difficult to integrate from an interface perspective. the biggest mistake ambrosia has made reguarding ev3, is telling us about it, imho. that said, a few realistic suggestions:

1. installing armor does not decrease your ships availible weaponry space, it increases it. by installing armor, your ship has more square footage of space because the armor coats the hull of the ship. installing armor should give weapon space, but increase mass, resulting in longer jumps

2. outfits with multiple attributes

3. a ramscoop does not use more weaponry space than and escape pod. on top of that, an escape pod would require some kind of launcher to aquire the needed speed to escape the ship's explosion. an escape pod bay

4. ammunition should be stored in cargo space, not weapon space

5. RCS upgrades should NOT require you to change the hull shape, as there's no air for it to matter in space. it should not even be mentioned

6. multiple shield and armor types, each specializing against preselected types of weaponry

7. a background processing option (reguards the engine, not a realistics factor)

just my two cents

8. An outfit to upgrade an outfit to upgrade an outfit and so on... (basically what I mean is say, you but a fighter bay to hold three fighters, then you buy the fighters, then you should be able to upgrade the fighters! Give 'em a bit more space, and replace their projectiles with say, SADs (depending on where you want to attack). Or you could upgrade each ship differently. If you could have two bays this would be very effective as well.

9. Kinda a stupid idea, but if you really are sure you never want to haul cargo again, you should be able to converts your entire cargo bay (only if you have a warship, or a lot of cargo space) into a fighter bay. For FREE! I mean seriously, if you had a Miranu Heavy Freighter, you could hold a lot of extra fighters. This kinda goes along with #4, but just a longer explanation.

I like fighters!

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Most of the changes I proposed are very minor. Most of you wouldn't actually notice them except for in a big battle. The rest, such as armed spacestations, probably should be in plugs. I would be happy to recognize anyone making a plug incorporating only some of these changes. If you're doing it, you get the coveted well done. However, I don't want to have to get a total conversion plug, just to get these changes. I'd be happy if the changes were in EV3.

Rapier, you are right about the RCS upgrade not changing the hull shape. But, I didn't say that it would did I? How about adding extra small engines, on the sides of the ship?

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The slow armour regeneration is a good idea and make EV3 fun to play.
A good theing would be that your ship graphic changes when your armour gets hit 'cos in the game you can have 1% armour and your ship still looks as good as new


In the vaccuum of space, it doesn't matter what shape your hull is, so part of #1 is a stupid idea.

In space, even if your ship is damaged, you could still go the same speed because of Physics. I think that EV3 should have Newtonian physics as best it can do in a 2D environment. This includes gravity from planets, stars, etc.

Also, there should be no limit on how many stellars can be in a system. And the systems should be larger, with maybe things like wormholes to other parts of systems and such. That's just my 2 cents!

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Most of those ideas I just see as a thing for plug makers to undo (like the smoke trails on missiles! I can't see a thing with 500 missiels going!)

And If Ambrosia decides to implement some of this stuff make the option to turn it off in the pref menu.

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Originally posted by mactypetim:
**Think about it. In terms of realism, how do ships in real life perform these functions?

Just pointing out that in real life we do not have giant cruisers, so we do not know how they will perform!

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I was wondering when someone was going to catch that. I had, you know, Water ships 😄 in mind when I wrote that.


heres an idea for ev3: have weapon info as well as ship info, so that you can see how much damage a weapon does, ect. without having to look in the outfits guide.


I just had a great idea!!! Since they are using transparencies, and some suggested 500 missiles at once, I thought of a great new weapon and idea, for EV3. What if weapons could change the way your ship moves, looks, and what your screen looks like. This is a proposed weapon based on what I suggested. Magnetically Contained Liquid Hydrogen Torpedoes. It only works on armor. What happens is, for every launcher you have, 3 torpedoes, very small, will fly a short distance and explode on you opponents hull. Liquid Hydrogen will instantly freeze the armor, preventing regeneration. As the Hydrogen melts from the heat of the ship, armor will slowly crack off, and explode. If any of the Hydrogen hits the bridge, the screen goes white for a few minutes, and you have to use radar. If it hits your engines, your ship can't move or turn, and drifts the direction it was heading, turning at the speed it was. The ship also can't fire out of Frozen Turrets or Guns, so, if you were hit enough, your ship would be a sitting duck. Any part of the ship hit, would turn blue. There would be counter weapons, and anti-hydrogen armor, but wouldn't that be the ultimate use of the EV3 engine's potential?

If they actually do make this weapon, name it after me. Or something.

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i'm actually making a plug that does this kind of stuff - makes EVO more realistic. If nobody minds, I'd be glad to include a lot of these ideas- that is, the ones that could be done in a plug-in.