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a suggestion for your previous answer about a sequel to EVO would it be possible to eventually deploy your own starbases in whish you handle deliveries for completition what will be on it the type of base defense fleet ETC... it would be cool because it would open up a range of possibilites some of which pirates attack and try to capture. and if this is done a suggestion. set some buttons to send captured escorts to your aid and act as a defense fleet for your little moneymaker. please reply with an answer that isnt more criptic than the meaning of life


Sorry, I'm not Matt, but I want you to read my next post

Everyone that wants to make a plug in for either EV or EVO has to realize that some things aren't possible. And that some things don't last. No matter what we do, a plug in won't last forever, as well as the EV legacy won't last forever.
All of us have dreams of our own private universe. I had mine too. I thought the perfect place to make my universe was in Escape Velocity. I decided to make a huge plug in. A complete overhaul of what EV was. I reared up my Bryce 3D and began building scores of ships. I was only making more work for myself.
It took me six months to realize what I was doing was futile. I gave up. I stored all my models and put them in the cold storage of my hardrive. Three more months passed...
I was just playing around in my hardrive like a five-year-old would be in a sand box. I found the library of models and took a look at them. Memories flooded back like a mudslide. A sat there for five whole minutes, just staring at the screen holding the models of the ships for my EV plug in. I knew what I wanted to do was impossible. I am only twelve years old! I climbed into my bed and began to think. How was I to create my universe?
EV had too many limatations. Just plain too many. I looked around my room. My eye was caught by the piles of Michael Chriton and Tom Clancy books. There were two men that had created there universes. I snapped out of my bed. THAT IS IT! Books have no limitations! I am only twelve years old, but twelve year olds have done greater things. I was to write a book!
I'm not kidden' here. I am writing my own book. If you don't beleive me, you might even see it on the shelves of bookstores in mid june. I am nearing page two-hundred, and the storyline has become so long, that I am eventually gonna write a sequal. If you don't beleive me, that is your choice. I can understand why you think that, though, and I sympathize. But that is not where my REAL universe is being built. If you want where I will spend eternity in, simply ask me in a new topic. I will answer you.
Thanks for reading this (I myself admit it is long, but I've written longer things :))

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Way to go, too many people think that all teanagers are the same, listen to hard rock while smoking. Older people tend to forget that children have a different way of thinking and that all are not the same. I wish you luck in writing your book. The only thing I want you to do is not to give up.

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ArcMaster, you are right, books have no limitation, except the limits of one's imagination. But remember, anyone can write a book these days, but not everyone can write a quality story and size!=quality. You said you'll be done by June, I hope you don't rush it, take your time, to get all your thoughts out. While your spelling and grammar needs a little improvement (it's still better than a lot of people's here 😉 ), your style however is pretty good, I have to take an AP english Test in a week, and the way you drew the audience into it, wondering what you were getting at is a sign of a good writer. And then think you have 5 years to improve until you get to take AP tests, just think of how well you will do on them.

Good Luck, don't rush yourself.


Best of luck writing your book. I love creative writing, but I doubt I could create a long novel of any quality anytime soon (I thought my 18-page EV story for english last year and 15-something for this year were long!).

Please notify me (and all the rest of us on the boards) if/when you finish and it's out! I'm looking foreward to reading it!

You should set up a mailing list or something, perhaps...


Hey, thanks guys. That realy does help me. And I won't rush it, but the editing job is HUGE. "check spell" is my best friend, anyway, thanks all you guys. Hopefully I will have a website dedicated to my universe after I finish my book, so you might wanna check that stuff out (once it is up and running). Thanks.

...but something else, we all have to remember that Matt Burch can't make our dreams for us. He has enough programming to do. So we have to make our dreams. Oh well...

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What do you think of this for a future city?

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Originally posted by wraith:
**please reply with an answer that isnt more criptic than the meaning of life


The meaning of life is 42. Not very cryptic at all is it?

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And Earth will find the question if we aren't blown up by the Vogons five minutes early.

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12 years old??? Writing a book??? That's amazing!! My experience with twelve year olds has been telling them how stupid their Pokemon cards are - you must be a lot smarter than I am. Oh, and I can't write anyhting longer than 5 pages.

(I'm 14...)

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wow. I remember I tried to write a book when i was 12, but it never really got off the ground. I had too many ideas, too little time, and too much homework. In case anyones wondering, it was about a bunch of renegade robots that try to infinately replicate themselves too drive out all life on earth. but good luck, and if ya get published, Ill buy it. What's it called?

wraith, do you realize how many of these feature request posts you've made? I think it's up to 6 or 7 now.

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yeah i know i keep giving feature requests if they came to me all at once i wouldnt have posted so many times but they didnt so i posted alot sue me i have a lot of ideas on how to make the game better

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How sweet. A stupid and annoying feature request post turns into a tale about a young man's quest to write a book. This is the stuff that webboard dreams are made of.

And that idea is really stupid. A station? I don't want to worry about my station being attacked all the time!!!

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Writing a book at the age of twelve, I am impressed. All I was doing at twelve was smoking while listing to rock music.


Writing a book at 12 years old is very, very good. While books have seemingly limitless bounds, video games also hold something many books do not; a graphical, visual representation of our ideas and thoughts. Whenever you read a book (or at least when I do), the first thing you try to do is form an image in your mind of what is happening as your eyes skim across the words. EV and EVO game many space heads submerged in the Star Wars, Star Treck, and B5 style books an actual image to accompany their thoughts. We read books to escape our own realities, to journey to places that we have yet to see in our lives, or ever, and video games help people to form images of their imaginations. In EV, or any video game for that matter, people imagine themselves as the characters they play (after all, people name their characters after themselves, or an aspect of their personality - I always use the knife in Half-Life, hence my name). If the book is good enough, it can replace your thoughts with the authors images, but this is quite a difficult task. Best of luck in your works.

PS: Smoking makes me sick, and the Grateful Dead are the only real rock band.
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The greatfull dead are good but for real rock pink floyd is the only way to go. Amen to that thing you said about video games. books are a great way of expressing your self but in an interacive video game you can make the decisions for the charactor