Do any of you know any fast ways to get money?

--Mr. Mulder


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Trading. Pirating. Voinian or MTC cargo missions. That's about it if you don't cheat.

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Get a UE Carrier,or if not,a UE destroyer.Then go into Azdgari space a capture an Azdgari Warship.Then buy back your Carrier/Destroyer.The trade-in price of an Azdgari Warship is about 9 million,so you'll trade it in having made an easy 3-7 million credits. πŸ˜„
Or you could be an alien renegade.Plunder Freight-Couriers and Miranu Freiters.Quick. πŸ˜„
But the quickest way I managed to make credits was to do the UE missions:
Dreadnought:2.5 million. πŸ˜„
Emalgha & Human:2.5 million. πŸ˜„

First, go to earth. Then, hire a bunch of frieghters (6 is best) and load up on equipment in the comodities(sp) window. jump to centauri, offload the equipment, and load up on food. Jump back to earth, sell the food, and repeat. After about twenty minutes you should have made 2-3 million credits, without any sort of risk.

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hire a bunch of frieghters (6 is best) and load up on equipment in the comodities(sp) window.

get miranu heavy freighters
unfortunately the UE don't have anything similar to the bulk freighter 😒

i made like 30M credits in new horizons using that tactic. 6 bulk freighters.

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Mr. Mulder, CIA

On verril prime there is always high medical and just 2 jumps
to the southeast is another commodity center to trade with. I can
not remember the specifics but I hired 6 huge frieghters and did this
run and got a whole load of money.


Or you could invest in the crassworm market.
Just kep shipping to omm from that thingie station.

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Or just hire 6 ships (miranu heavy freighters are best, but normal UE freighters are fine) and pick up medical supplies in Tulir's New Riga and bring them to the Arriane system. That is only one jump with little risk of renegades. The meds cost 900 in Tulir and you can sell them for 1125 in Arriane (and about once every 3 jumps the selling price jumps to 1500 due to a mining accident). With 6 freighters, you make 225,000 on each haul (or 580k when it jumps to 1500). With heavy freightors, you make about 680k per haul or 1.8 million per haul with the mining accident.

With normal freighters I made more than 15 million in less than a half hour. I would have made way more in that time span if I had used miranu heavy f's or had used the LighteningJump plugin (to cut out the long jumping period). Trust me, this is the best kept secret of money making. Don't listen to these idiots telling you to waste your time killing ships and trading them in, or completing the UE missions for a measily 5 million credits, or trading food and equipment when each of these products has a low profit per unit.


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Salia-Freeport brandy route. You can make extra cash by disabling turncoats along the way. It's Risky buy pays well.

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Jeeves99 is so right on this one. I agree. I that was what my
suggestion except with out all the specifics.


One good way to get money without much trouble is just taking the cargo carrying missions. They give little money but a little can build up fast. They are also not as dangerous as the other missions like the Dreadnaught or taking over warships. It will take a while but you will get there just the same.

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Another of my faviroute trading routes is a bit risky and long but it makes such huge profit.First,buy a miranu Heavy freiter.Then,hire 6 more.Release one straight away,then capture it.Noone will hate you that way.When you have all 6 MH freiters as free escorts,go to Himgro and stock up on med. supplies (Commodity price should be low.If it is high,then land on Himgro a few times.It will eventuly pass).Then take the shortest possible route to Munb,in the Dewe system (Watch out for renegades).Sell all your goods at High Com. rate.Then buy as many Munb leaves as you can,for low price.Then go to Himgro and sell them for high.Then repeat.I made 35 million in 25 mins. πŸ™‚

If you have trouble with renegades,you should easily have enough space for a few phase turrets and defence pods.

Download the lightning jump plug-in.It makes things a lot faster.

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Just do missions (bar missions, mission computer) and board renegades (if you aren't a renegade).


Okay, for those of us who like combat but need to keep up a good rating heres my method:
First go to a planet near a renagade planet but is inhabited by nice people.
Then fight and board renagades, gives cash and good rating πŸ™‚


I did the Himgro/Munb/Himgro run with a pair of captured Voinian supply ships. Got me about a million credits for every single run. πŸ˜„

Anyway, I prefer to frag Renegade Warships for cash, mainly due to the status boost in aligned systems. That's the way I've been able to regain my status in Igadzra space after completing the Azdgari mission arc (I really hate those pathetic little Azdgari wimps, but their shield generators are nice... too bad the experimental one disappeared after I captured a derelict Igazra...) The Zidagar still hate my guts, though. Too bad, I think they've got a lot of style.

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Look just get about six freighters as escorts and an Azdara as your own ship, then do the Missers Ruin in the Thier system or something like that. You can make about a million a run this way ( by the way it is best to capture the freighters cos then they don't cost πŸ™‚ )

I made about 40million through this method in about 10 mins ( when buying things hold down the apple and alt keys so you buy 50 tonnes at a time πŸ™‚ ). The bad thing about this method is you need money to start :frown: .

kill the hamsters
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Originally posted by Mr. Mulder:
**Do any of you know any fast ways to get money?

--Mr. Mulder



Ahhh, its nice to have alot. The best way to get money (in my opinion) it to do the Himgro-Mumb trade circle. What you do is:
1. Go to Himgro
2. Fill your cargo hold with medical supplies
3. Fly to Mumb
4. Sell your medical supplies
5. Fill your cargo hold with Mumb leaves
6. Fly to Himgro
7. Sell your Mumb Leaves
8. Repeat.

Sure its boring...but its well worth it.

You can also rack up money by doing special missions (the ones avalable in the bar)

A good trading route is the one from Lmeito to Emalghion and back. You buy metal on Lmeito (a moon of emalghion), sell it at emalghion, then buy equipment and sell it on Lmeito. It doesn't require a hyperjump, and in fact you don't even need to move when going from lmeito back to emalghion. It pays pretty well, with a miranu heavy freighter I was making over a hundred thousand credits each round trip, and that's without any escorts.

The system is a little dangerous, but it's not that bad because you don't need to move very far between the two planets.