Some questions about Ferazel Wand's

Hi guys!

The last time I've been playing Ferazel Wand's was in 2000. Until now, recently I installed SheepShaver and buy the CD game from Ambrosia.
My childish memory were telling me that this game was an awesome one, and I can confirm they were right.
It's a challenging, very detailed and fun game.

But there's some notions I don't understand or don't remember.

What's the point of the Red Xichron in your inventory?
Are the Smite Ring and Escape Ring worth using in the first levels? Is there a lot of those items?
For now I've got 3 spells, BOOMerang, Fireball and Stone. Does someone could give me a list of the different spells in the game so I won't miss one?
In the first level, I didn't get every secrets.... How do you get to the upper levels of A Scent of Peril? Is there another wayback than from Central Caverns?

So yeah... that's it!


You'll need 20 Red Xichrons to get into the final levels.

If you can, save your smite rings for the very end, or at least the boss levels. The enemies in the first levels are easy enough to kill with regular weapons.

The Escape rings are useful in later levels when you go back and complete a specific aspect of a quest within a game, so you can get out of the level quickly. I've only ever used two or three of them, so I don't really ever bother with trying to collect them.

Don't have much time right now - I'll try to write more later about the weapons, but there are a whole bunch.

I'm going to have to go boot up my old PowerBook (it boots in OS9, so I can play all the old games on it) to refresh my memory about the rest of it.