Another Level 3 question

I've finished level 3 now. Except my Xirchons collected was only 84% and my secrets discovered was 88% (or was it the other way around? Hm... doesn't really matter.) What it means is that I missed finding that underwater room's entrance. The one with all the Xirchons in the water. Anyone know where the entrance is?

All the underwater pathways at the end of the game...go down and spin jump.


Well, I found one area to do spin jumps on, and found a transporter to take me to the underwater area with all the xirchons. That brought my Xirchons collected and secrets discovered to 96%. I wonder what else I missed.

Did you find both rooms with the mushroom trampolines?


I think I did... but I don't remember now. The last time I was on Level 3, the game crashed out my whole computer. Had to use the physical power button to restart.

I completed level three and found 100% of the secrets and only 96% of the xichrons as well. I do believe this is at least partly because of a bug. If you the room with the ressurection necklace there are some xichrons under the ground. I don't think it's possible to get them.


Will Elizabeth (or someone else) answer all the secrets on her web page? For those of us who want to get through but can't seem to find all the answers... Getting some places is super hard... took ages to get up those crumbly rock "stairs" and the reward wasn't that great - unless I missed something up there. And then to swim through acid to get to that one transporter only to get to a room with some coins and xichrons. I don't know, I just figured there ought be greater rewards for taking that much physical damage. Still haven't found my way into the room with that nice necklace, though.

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Did you take the crumbly stairs up to the top in both directions? You need to leave enough stairs to be able to go both west and east at the top. Did you get the Xichrons to the west, Zelda?

I consider the crumbly stairs a game flaw. If you fall, or fail in any way, since the stairs don't reappear, you cannot complete the level without starting it over again from the last save before you used the stairs. And, to get the boomerang, you can't save at the first save point at the start of the level.


Geesh..I think so. But now I'm not so sure and will have to go back and make sure. I just assumed my missing xichrons were the ones that are underground in that room that I referred to earlier.


Well, I'm guessing that that undergoround xirchon is the missing one (or two if the screen scrolls down that far). Oh well. 96% complete on secrets and xirchons ain't bad at all. Now what about those monsters? I can get 100% enemies killed on L1 and L2, but L3? My best is 84%. I think it's because of those monster factories (yellow thingies in the roof, floor or wall that spew more monsters as soon as you kill one. Is there anyway to kill these completely?

Yes, I had the same question about those regenerating monsters...once, I tried to kill them all but when through two fill-ups of magic and they still kept coming.

Also, I don't know how to get to that necklace room (which is why I wondered if those secrets will be on EReid's web page) and yes, those crumbly stairs are almost as annoying as those airy stepping stones that fade in and out.

Since I'm too impatient to wait for web page answers, how do you use those high bounce boots? Also, are those bouncy mushrooms just for fun? They don't seem to make me jump higher. And is there any other way to get to that one room besides swimming through acid? It seems imbalanced to have to swim through acid then risk the last bits of health jumping over spikes. The trader in "scent of peril" didn't let me buy more than one health potion. The purple holy water is nice, but not close enough to the acid to help in this case. And finally (pantpant) what is the trick to getting up the crumbly stairs in both directions? that one chance at it thing is definitely a pain.

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The swim through the acid can be done OK if you have the necklace. The necklace gives you an "automatic rebirth" so, if you select it before you have to get in the acid, you get a new start fron the point where uou die in the acid.. I can't remember where the transporter is to get to the necklace, but you get there via a transporter.

The mushrooms I haven't totally figured out. It seems that, to jump high, you have to enter the room again and jump directly onto the mushroom, and perhaps hold down the jump key as you jump. Or, jumping from one shroom to another may make you jump high? Anyone figure this one out?

The crumbly stairs - you have to look at them before you take your first path and make sure you leave some steps. The stairs do not crumble if you hang onto an edge. So you can hang onto the edge while you plan your next jump.


Longish post..I'm going to cover several things:
I went back and checked and I don't think I missed any xichrons in the crumbling stair area. At least, if I did I can't figure out how to get them! I still think it's the ones underground that I'm not getting. (I'm also at 96% for xichrons.)

I also gave up trying to get 100% of the monsters because of the regenerators. I don't think you CAN kill them all. Of course, I didn't spend oodles and gobs of time trying either.

The mushrooms should make you jump higher if you hit the jump key as soon as you make contact with the mushroom. Keep hitting jump every time you land.

The boot makes you jump higher, but I can't figure out if there's something special you're supposed to do with them. Too bad there isn't a way to use them on those blasted crumbling stairs.

In order to get into the room with the necklace, go back to the bouncing mushroom room and look on the east wall for a ledge. Toss some fireseeds.

Hey! I'm done!

Cathy, you said there really is two ways to go on the crumbling stairs? I found one destination, but not another... they don't seem to go anywhere else. Unless I'm missing something. In the underwater maze, I could see a room nearby that held a big blue gem (health bonus?) but couldn't find the way to it.

Also, has anyone figured out why that three-pedastal wheel-like thing by the spikey tunnel is there? It gets stuck by the mid-high spikey walkway. Maybe the walkway can be destroyed?

I also found what I think are bugs in the game system... I'll post a new topic.

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Well..there's both a health and an energy crystal to find on this level, but since you were talking about the spike wall thingies..I'll assume you meant the energy crystal. 🙂 At the top of the stone stairway (the one that disappears) fight monsters and run all the way east. You'll see a wall of spikes sliding in and out. Before you go up the wall, cast fireball right below it. If I gave you directions to the wrong crystal..I'm sorry.

I think that wheel thing in hall of spikes was just a twisted way of getting our hopes up that we could pass the hall without taking damage. Mean!!


If by the "hall of spikes" you mean the area where there are spikes on the floor and spikes on a "floor" in the middle too, and the three-prong wheel thing that would be useful if that middle floor wasn't there, try hitting the middle floor with some fireballs. 🙂

I think I was wrong about the crumbly stairs going west as well as east. I think now that you have only to use them to go east.

The triangle thing before the long cavern with the double rown of spikes is great! Gets you through with no damage.

I don't know if this is a bug or not. Sometimes when I select the necklace before going into the acid, I do get an extra life, and sometimes I don't. This may not be a bug, however, When I fall into the acid, I often start whacking at the number keys and may well just hit the 7 or 9 key by mistake.

I have got into the "invisible catapult" room before, but now I can't remember how - sould someone give me a hint (or email me a hint at -I don't want to spoil it for others.

This game is really fun - one of the best I have played. It reminds me a lot of the Crash Bandicoot series from Naughty Dog.


Ok..I feel really stupid about the spike and triangle thing!!

Some other things: The necklace is supposed to be automatically used when you need it, in other shouldn't have to select it. It could be that when you fall in the acid you are also going down past the point of no return...and if you go down there, the necklace can't help you.

The invisible catapult is found when you use the teleporter that is accessed by swimming through the acid pool.


Zelda, I don't see any xichrons below the ground when I get to the rebirth necklace place. You can get the Xichrons to the left by walking down the stairs. I can sometimes see one of the green blobs underground, but I can't see any Xichrons.

If the necklace is supposed to work if it is not selected, then this is a bug. I have definitely (!) not been reborn when I have died with the necklace in my inventory.

Now I am so confused. I can't even find the acid swim place again. I need to make a map, but ...ho hum....


Walking down...stairs? I don't see any stairs!! If you jump up clear over on the left side of the room and then look down, you'll see them underneath the ground. They are there!! I've tried spin jumping, fireballs and fireseeds. I can't get to them. Stairs? I'll have to go look at that room again. 🙂

As for the acid pool...remember the crumbling stairs saga? The transporter is just to the east of where that starts. (through the acid)