Ferazel secrets (continued)

On my Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide site ( (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url) ), there are directions of how to find the key in level 2 of the demo starting from the door where you use the key. If you have the key and haven't found the door, you could follow the directions in reverse from where you found the key to get to the door.

As a note to anyone playing the demo, the three levels of the demo are not the first three levels of the full version.

If you just want a hint as to where to find the key as opposed to a complete spoiler...it's underwater. A bit west of the part where you can drown if you drop too deep.

If you're sick to death of looking...then go check out Ereid's web site. You'll find out exactly how to get there. Or you can post here again. 🙂 Whichever.

As for exploring ledges..you seem to have figured the knack for it if you've found that you need a key. There's nothing that's really hidden on this level. Just explore everything you can reach then move on.

Note to Ereid: Yes, these aren't the first three levels of the full game, but when referring to the demo it's a bit simpler to call them the "first, second and third" levels rather than using their names. I suppose when the full game actually ships we'll have to change our evil ways. 😉


I understand calling the three levels of the demo 1, 2, and 3 (that's how I've been referring to them too). The comment I made was for someone who made a comment that getting through the first three levels would affect their interest in the rest of the levels. I simply wanted to point out that if level 2 of the demo is hard, that shouldn't deter someone from getting the full version because there are alot more levels before you get to that level in the full version. Actually, everyone's going to have to start referring to the level names for the full version; the levels aren't a linear sequence.

Ohhh..back at the OLD folder. Sorry, there's always a lot of confusion surrounding a move.


What would be really nice is if there was a good way to make maps of levels. It would be a good thing to put on your website, Ereid. I tried doing some compositing of multiple screenshots, but that is just crazy. The image was getting huge. Anybody have any ideas?

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<<Actually, everyone's
going to have to start referring to the level names for the full
version; the levels aren't a linear sequence.>>

Oh! That's good to know because, to tell the truth, I wasn't going to get the full version - I'm rotten at computer games.

Before I stop cluttering this topic with my babble, I do want to say how glad I am that there's a message board for the game. It's nice to be able to converse with other people who are fiddling around with Ferazel's Wand; then it's not like playing it alone. Well, my five-year-old has been playing it but that doesn't fully count -- he's much better at it than me! Whimper.

Also, thank you Elizabeth for the hint page '=)


They aren't exactly linear, but you won't be able to skip around at will. You will need to complete each level in order to advance to another. In other words, you must complete the second level to advance to to the third. You wouldn't be able to skip the second level and go ahead to the third. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 However, once you complete a level you can go back to it. That may be perfectly understood by everyone already and if so I apologize for wasting the space.


While Zelda's comments are correct, when I mentioned that the levels are not a linear sequence I was talking about more than the fact that you can go back to previously completed levels. 😉

Check out my Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide at (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url)

Right. I just wasn't completely sure if that was clear. I thought it probably was...that's why I apologized in advance for the wasted post. I just wanted to make sure that somebody didn't have a false impression as to how the levels would be advanced through. (For example...I didn't wany anyone to think that you will be able to skip a level if you find it too hard to complete.)


Hehe, that "anyone" was probably me. Well, yes, I supposed I wasn't going to be able to skip levels I thought were too hard in the full version... I am glad that apparently there are more levels at the same easiness-range as the demo's first level. True? Regardless, my young son has already completed level two and has moved on to the last in the demo, which truly leaves me feeling brainless. ':P

At the risk of being annoyingly redundant - the reason I was concerned about the levels in the full version is I didn't want to purchase a game I was unable to play. Few games appeal to me, actually. Myst, Riven and Solitaire are about it... Until (and I'm not sure where) I found a Harry the Handsome Executive demo... Funny, cute, and something to be enjoyed now and then on coffee breaks - that's for me. While veiwing Ambroisa's site for the Harry update, I saw the ad for Ferazel. What a victim of advertising I am, eh?

The point of this babble: I like umcomplicated, more entertaining than work, more story than violence, some puzzles... So I suppose, from what I've seen of it, Ferazel falls in that catagory. Well, just as long as I can pester folks on the message board for hints that is 😉

A question - will the full version be downloadable or must it be ordered and shipped via USPS?

The full version is shipped on a CD, mainly because the install is huge. The CD is $30 and can be preordered now. They should start shipping soon. Gee, I sound like a salesperson...

To Amorisse and anyone who shares concerns about the difficulty of some of the demo levels:
At the risk of sounding even more like a salesperson :), the full version is worth it. There are a number of levels that are similar in difficulty to the first level of the demo. It makes sense that when they grabbed 3 levels for the demo out of the 23 in the full version that they'd try to represent the full range of difficulties that one might encounter in the game. And if you are having trouble with something, by all means ask questions on this web board. That's what it's here for ;).


Check out my Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide at (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url)

Amorisse!! Harry is a way cool game. One of my favorites. 🙂 And of course, Ben Spees wrote it as well which explains why you like Ferazel. But if you got through Harry (Which had some really difficult levels...I thought..) I'll bet you'll make it through Ferazel. Ok, so I haven't made it through yet myself, but I have faith in us both! That and we're going to bug the absolute stuffing out of Elizabeth. 😉


Heh, well, I didn't get through Harry...mmmm, I didn't mean to leave that false impression. '=) Zelda, anyhow, it does feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only clueless one out there - you know, a through back to our adolescent selves: safety in numbers and all that. And I'm feeling old because the author of these great games is only 21 (Happy Birthday Mr. Spees) and has me completely out-smarted.

All this and here's what I really want to know: the full version hasn't been shipped yet? Then I misunderstood because I thought you two (Zelda and Elizabeth) have it already.


As far as I know, the full version CDs have not started shipping yet. There were, however, some "advance copy" CDs shipped out under certain circumstances, which is why some people may seem to know more than they should.

Check out my Ferazel's Wand Player's Guide at (url="http://"http://employees.3gi.com/~ereid/ferazel")http://employees.3gi.../~ereid/ferazel(/url)

Okay. This may seem like a stupid question...

Is it possible to kill the fish (or anything else that's underwater) in the River of Fears? Obviously, fire won't work, and getting so close to them to try to use the knife will cause you injury, and subject you to the possibility of drowning.

Granted, if I had the boomerang spell, that answer might be a 'yes,' but in the demo version where I don't have that spell available to me, I just can't do it.

Any thoughts?

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Killing the fish with the knife gets easier the more you practice. It is easiest if you float with the current. Since the fireballs don't work, maybe the boomerangs don't work underwater either?


Boomerang is just a fireball that comes back and is not affected by gravity. V-Blade might work.(Too bad you can't get it in the demo)

Sorry..I was gone this weekend. To answer the question directed towards me- I've seen the full version, I haven't completed it. Because I STINK!!! 🙂

Harry I did complete but it took me a loooong time.

As far as killing the fish..it's possible to do it without taking damage, but it does take a bit of practice. What I thought was extremely crummy is putting that dang blobby thing in the water. You can't kill that with a knife without taking quite a bit of damage.


The trick to the blobby think is to lure it up to dry ground, near the swinging spiky ball, and then dispose of it, or to keep on having it follow you until there is no bottom to the water, and it falls through.

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Ok- I've found my way to the invisible catapult by swimming through the acid. But when I transport back and jump back into the acid, I can't get out. No matter what I do, I just swim until I die. Any suggestions?

Also- in the area with the spikes and the row of spikes you can destroy, there's a room above there with two boxes. Any ideas on what's in them?