Confederation Logo

Symbol, badge, coat of arms?

Does anyone know what the Confederation's logo thing is supposed to look like? On the sprites it's just a blue dot, but in the shipyard (and comm) pics there is definitely some sort of detail to it (blue with white, and maybe even some gold?). Just curious.

Prior to the graphics modernisation in version 1.0.5, it was just a blue dot everywhere. Somehow I don’t seem to have the 1.0.5b1 sprites* any more, but I believe they showed a white star filling a blue circle.

  • The first beta modernised both the sprites and shipyard/comm pictures, but in the release version many of the sprites reverted to their original versions, the Confederation ships among them.

You know I was totally thinking the only response I was going to get was, "WTF, why would anyone know or care about that!" All of the EV subforums (except B&B I guess) should just be merged into one "ask DA a question" section.

Glad I could help. 🙂


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