Escape Velocity for Nova released!

Well I've put off making (and releasing) this thing for a long time now but it's here at last. Download EV Classic for Nova to your iPhone, Mac or PC today! 🙂
I do apologise about the slow feel of the gameplay (some may prefer to keep caps on) but if you can live with that be sure to give it a good rating (no need to rate if you think it's bad ;)). Feel free to post all your comments, criticisms or other feedback here or email me at the address given in the Read Me.
If you can't stand playing through the strings for the hundredth time, make a cool plug for it instead and see if we can get some more activity around here...

Yay. I'll play through it again sometime. Glad we finally have something that really feels like the original.


Woah, a familiar name.

Yeah, me too. Thanks so much, Guy.

Sweetness. I've been craving me some good old-fashioned EV for a long time. rEVisited is cool, but it's just not the same. Thanks for putting this together.

I refused the mission to take engineers to Turin, and I got this message:
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It seems those engineers are making plug-ins from inside EV itself! 😛

Ha! Whoops. I better set all the RefuseTexts to -1. Funny no one noticed it before though, you should see that with every mission refusal.

Well I've just realised that Seeker Drones (and Forklifts) are guidance type 2 which means they're susceptible to the Missile Jammer. "What?" you say, "Seeker Drones can be jammed?". Well no, not really. All a Missile Jammer actually does in EV is halve the turn rate of guidance type 2 weapons. Of course this can't be done in Nova - the best I could do was make the jammer have 50% jamming with missiles 100% susceptible, meaning 50% of missiles simply won't turn at all. I could do this with seeker drones too except that due to their long life they were bound to hit you eventually in the original game regardless of whether or not you had a jammer. I may be wrong about this though - anyone have any comments/suggestions on the matter?

I'd like to invite everyone to try out version 1.0.1 🙂
Fixed: Issue Nil'k showed above
Fixed: Alien Cruiser had no shield regen
Improved: Game speed increased by 50% - woohoo! I hope this makes everyone a lot happier.

Regarding the seeker drones, I decided to just leave them with half their proper turn rate on the assumption that the player is most likely to have a missile jammer when he/she encounters the aliens. Allowing them to be jammed just wouldn't be right.

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1.0.1 final release now available.

Is there a guide anywhere for the missions/trade routes like there is for EVN?

EVula's survival guide has some of the missions, but the trade routes are in a permanent state of "coming soon".

So is rEVisited compatible with version 1.0.1? I just tried it and it seems to work fine but I'm just checking.

No, not really, though 1.0.1 is no different to 1.0.0 in that regard. There incompatibilities with the way government classes are numbered so you may find ships with the wrong alliance or something. Someday I plan to make rEV compatible via a patch or something but in the meantime I'd suggest sticking with the 'official' EV port.

'Official' EV port? Which one would that be? I ask because I have Override for Nova 1.0.3 and Classic 1.0.1 and I want to know if there are currently any working graphical update plugs I can install. I like playing it with the classic graphics, but I'd like to try them out with a fresh coat of paint.

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You can find the official port under the essentials section of the addons. This new EV port I've made is very recent while rEV was made back in the time of the official port.

Actually looking at rEV again it probably will work okay with new port. The game speed will be different to what it would be without rEV (and suffer the same incorrectness that is in the official port) but since it overrides practically all of the normal EV data it should end up almost exactly the same as it does with the official port.

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Would this and this be the official ports your talking about?

Yeah, those are the official ones.

I'd love to see all of the empire plugins work on this >.> E1-3, Empire of Crime, Brotherhood of the Kestrel... etc >.> I've always wanted to play them, but Executor 2 can only stuffit E1 😞

Yes yes, I use a PC and to play EV I've been having to use an emulator... Please don't burn me! O.o

(Note, Executor 2 can't stuffit overly new stuff... it's really quite stoneage xD)

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Great! Now, all we need is Nova for Escape Velocity!

When using this on Windows, can we get the forklift?
If the answer is yes, then how?
If the answer is no, then why not? <_<

Also - Sorry for bringing up rusty topics. I just figured it would be a waste of a new one, just to ask this question, and posting in the newer topic for this would be merely irrelevant, since I'm using Windows, and not Mac.

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