Boozerama Bar XXVI: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Acid Pit...

Because I said that I was sane?

No, because you (JacaByte) said that he (mrxak) was NOT sane... get it?

smeagol smeagol

I'll give you a hint. If I was going to give him points now, I wouldn't, because something has changed.

I am so confused. Give us a better hint.

He changed an item in his profile that had originally earned him the 2 points. He is no longer eligible for those points because he sucks at guessing and he changed his profile.

"My avatar is invisible."

Grats. You get 2 points taken away and then given to you.

Now you're just Even Steven, aren't you.

Boris is wondering why we must refer to ourselves in the first person view instead of the third.

Damn, mrxak. I was going to guess that, but I thought his title had been like that for a while. Perhaps you didn't notice it...

Percinator slaps Boris for being a fool and asking silly questions.

Boris catches Percinator's hand before it making contact with Boris personage and then proceeds the motion of breaking it without moving his hand.

Percinator chuckles as he watches Boris flail around on the ground after his slapped whipped him into a dreamland.

First person to not talk about EV gets this whole topic shut down.

So... how 'bout them Levo Militiamen? I hear they're gonna go to the Galaxy Series this year.

Oh piffle. The Levo Militiamen are going to lose to the Letheans. They'll beat their socks off I tell you!

The Militiamen have won 47 straight games. They have hit more intergalactic bombs than anyone else in the league.

Boris orders a beer. ###### milkshakes.

It's all Boris Yetskins' fault.

mrxak activates THE BOMB.

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