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Maximus Insurrectum takes place during a "flare-up" of warfare-the border skirmishes and minor raids have heated up immensely since the beginning of the original war. The campaigns planned by both sides have come to completion, and with the new fleets both sides have ordered, this will be one of the most intense periods of warfare seen in the galaxy.

•Seven players, three for the Confeds, three for Rebels, and one for the Pirates. Extras can be mercenaries.

•Common sense to be used at all times.
•Killing another player's character is not allowed without their permission.
•Real-time will be used for research.
•Currency won't be used beyond the original naval construction.
•Research is heavily limited-it is superior to refit your ships than to research new ones, generally. If some tech and a refit is done, the tech will only be allowed to be added on for another refit. You cannot schedule new tech to be in your next refit; you'll have to wait a round.
•Governments can research up to two things-however, you must have defined testing grounds outside of research systems. In the event of a blockade (such as the one Ruby has), the information can be forwarded to another outpost.
•No single-post battles, except in extreme cases (one Manta fighter versus a hundred Confed Cruisers with support ships). All research prototypes will take at least two posts regardless of size or escort. Moderation will deal with the others.
•All players are to be treated as if their crews are the same in every way. This means none of the "My crews are more experienced than yours, therefore I can wipe out almost all of your capital ships instantly with the loss of only one ship" garbage. An addition to this is that ships may not exploit bugs in EV or have obvious tactical distortions-no Mantas launching, firing their missiles and redocking or other such uses like the Monty Python maneuver and ships just dancing around their enemies without any possible damage. Ships should generally seek to do direct battle, in other words.
•Fifty Cruiser-classes or above is three jumps, twenty-five Cruiser-classes or above for four jumps, ten Cruiser-classes or above for five jumps, and anything below for six. To take over a planet, you must have a level two fleet (ten Cruiser-classes or above). Border systems may not be bypassed.
•Effective Scanning Range is no more than a two system radius.
•Players can appeal to moderation-since I intend to be pretty reasonable in this webstory, it should work out. 😉
•Follow the spirit of the law, not just the letter.

*Military vessels have had their prices changed considerably:
Confederation Patrol Ship: 500,000 credits
Manta Fighter: 450,000 credits
Confederation Gunboat: 750,000 credits
Confederation Frigate: 2,500,000 credits
Rebel Destroyer: 3,000,000 credits
Confederation Cruiser: 16,000,000 credits
Rebel Cruiser: 12,000,000 credits

Starting Funds:
Anything that is not spent is wasted. The cash amounts are listed below.

•Confederation: 2,000M
*Confederation Core Region (Government leader): 500M
*Confederation Southern Division: 750M
*Confederation Northern Division: 750M
•Rebellion: 1,800M
*Rebellion Capital Region (Government leader):600M
*Rebellion Southern Division: 600M
*Rebellion Eastern Division: 600M
•Pirates: 1,000M
*Split the credits into fourths, so 250M worth per Pirate system
•Independent Captains: 50M
*Put everything you want in your fleet-within reason. Don't just get fifty million Defenders-have a variety of ships. To help with this problem, the effects of heavy rockets against such fighters will be exaggerated.
*Mercenaries, if their entire fleet is wiped out, get fifty million back. Governments may pay up to one million total for mercenaries on a day to day basis. The cash doesn't add up, so use all of it each day.

Winning the War:
To "win" the war, you must take and hold all regional capitals of a government for four days, or control their capital for three. Destruction of all enemy ships is not in itself a victory, but due to their lack of defense systems, you can easily achieve your objectives.

A typical webstory in the "Maximus Insurrectum" series is composed of three one-week rounds. At the beginning of each new round, all ships will be refitted automatically and may be redeployed among their government as the players wish. And their tech will be added in too, unless it was specified that it wouldn't be. By the end of the third round, the "winner" is the government that has made the most progress and damage. If the Confederation, for instance, takes Tiber with minimal losses, this could be considered superior to the Rebellion taking Rigel and Polaris, but with the loss of more than half the Rebel navy. In any event, another webstory will probably be formed afterwards, if things worked out well enough.

Research may be conducted, but with some limitations.

  1. You must set up a "testing ground" for your technology, preferably an uninhabited system.
  2. You must not reveal the identity of your technology in public before it starts. To conduct new research, message me or any other moderator. After the research project begins, you can if you wish, at your own risk.
  3. Technology refitting/recalibration, which is conducted along the same lines as research (but is much easier and generally risk-free) is superior and more common than normal research. You don't need an entirely new fighter class if a modified version of your-or an Indie-one will serve the same purpose. Also note that exaggeration will not be allowed in technology-such as with a certain person in Endless War, who had invincible anti-missile technology. An EMP blaster, for instance, might do some electronic damage, but not none at all or a complete disable. Anti-missile guns might destroy some missiles, but not all of them or none of them.

Testing Grounds
A nearby system must be selected for your research projects. It is advisable to utilize a remote system, or one within your space-just be warned that if things go wrong, you may have problems if you test equipment inside your space. For a minor project, you may only need one or two tests-for long-term projects, however, it will require many tests and much time. It might require that you wait until continuations in the game series to see it come to completion, much less enter deployment.

Get as many fleets as you want with your (admittedly limited) credits. Just don't make a bunch of stupid fleets with one ship each to escape the jump limits.
Pläyer List

The below are officer slots, with the players in them listed to the right.

Confederation Core Command: Fleet Commander Dash Rantic
Confederation Southern Division Office: Prime Bureaucrat Mackilroy (Presumed gone, region currently under my command-fleets will be turned over to Dash Rantic as soon as the southern fleet issue is resolved. Slot available.)
Confederation Northern War Department: Conqueror Bob (Slot available)
Rebellion High Command: Speaker Apple Core
Rebellion Southern Supply Administrator: Administrator Ace Rimmer
Rebellion Eastern Military Department: Empty (Region under the control of Apple Core)
Evildrome Guildmaster: Pirate Lord Swithich
Blackthorne Guildmaster: Pirate Lord Visitor
Privateer's Haven Guildmaster: Pirate Lord Katana


Maximus Insurrectum Map:

Make your fleets, players.


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First Fleet-Matar
40 Confed Patrol Ships = 20M
20 Confed Gunboats = 15M
20 Confed Frigates = 50M
10 Confed Cruisers = 160M

Second Fleet-Polaris
20 Confed Gunboats = 15M
20 Confed Frigates = 50M
10 Confed Cruisers = 160M

Third Fleet-Rigel
40 Confed Patrol Ships = 20M
50 Confed Gunboats = 37.5M
25 Confed Frigates = 62.5M
10 Confed Cruisers = 160M

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My Fleet

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I'll post my fleet Friday.

Here is my Fleet as small as it is.

2 Rebel Cruisers= 24M
4 Rebel Destroyers=12M
30 Mana Fighters=13500000
1 Confederation Patrol Ship=50000000

The problem is that since you're an Indie, you don't get access to Confed/Rebel tech.

Take a look at the Survival Guide on (Escape Velocity division of the page). It's not entirely right, but it'll give you an idea.


Strike Force Gaunlet
3 Kestrals=30M
4 Corvettes=10M
4 Rapiers=4800000
5 Lightnings=5M
1 Courier=180000

Can i have these ships?


Although the Courier isn't really necessary, but it helps.


I'll post mine in a day or two.

16xCorvette = 40M. (one of these is the flagship. Call it Doomblade.)
6xRapier = 7.2M.
10xScoutship = .8M. (if somebody's gotta know lightyears away...)
5xClipper = 2M (oh, joy).

Speaker emainiac walks into the conference room, late, of course. He walks to the head of the table, picks up the mug of coffee placed at his reserved seat, sniffs the contents of the cup and sets it back down on the table. He drops a plain, manilla envelope in front of his Secretary of War.

"Read it, Jack."

Looking up at the speaker, Secretary Rogers open the envelope.

"It's about damn time, sir." He then distributes the contents containing the official Rebellion Capital Region war plans and fleet assignments.

The Speaker walks around the table, eyeing his officers.

"General Sanders will command the Rebellion System Interceptor Fleet."
5 Rebel Cruisers
10 Rebel Destroyers
30 Manta Fighters
Total Cost: 103,500,000
"This fleet will take port in the Zaphod system, preparing to move out against the Confederation."

The officers look at each other.

"An identical fleet, The Rebellion Liberation Fleet commanded by Brig. General Kiowa will take port in Turin to either befriend or conquer the Independent Nations."

Total Cost: 207,000,000

"Located at Orion, Atropos, Clotho, Alkaid, and Spica, will be standard fleets designated 'System and Regional Enforcers' which will consist of...

5 Rebel Destroyers
20 Manta Fighters
Total cost:
24,000,000 credits

For 5 systems, 120,000,000 credits

Total Spending:327,000,000 credits

"In Persephone and Satori will be a 'Supreme System Defence Fleet'"
10 Rebel Cruisers and 30 Manta fighters
133,500,000 credits per system
265,000,000 total credits

594 million total spending.

Finally, in Risa, A fleet of 13 Manta Fighters.
5,850,000 credits

599,850,000 total spending.

Okay pretty simply. I'll start with Evildrome and see from there.

I'll take
10 Kestrels=100 million
32 Corvettes=80 million
30 Lightnings=30 million

That equals 210 million. The other 40 million will be stashed and saved for outfits to upgrade. (I think we get free upgrades at the end of the week, but this will be used for emergency ships, thrust upgrades, and turrent additions, etc.... If this is not the case please inform me.)

Bad news :(, i am going to be isolated from a computer for 4 days, sorry about this
when i come back i will join the story, if thats all alright.
And dont end the war... yet although i doubt it would have.

First Fleet - Antares

40 Confed Patrol Ships = 20M
20 Confed Gunboats = 15M
20 Confed Frigates = 50M
10 Confed Cruisers = 160M

Second Fleet - Pollux
20 Confed Gunboats = 15M
20 Confed Frigates = 50M
10 Confed Cruisers = 160M

Third Fleet - Regulus
40 Confed Patrol Ships = 20M
50 Confed Gunboats = 37.5M
25 Confed Frigates = 62.5M
10 Confed Cruisers = 160M

Pippin 3, on Sep 19 2005, 05:06 AM, said:

Bad news :(, i am going to be isolated from a computer for 4 days, sorry about this
when i come back i will join the story, if thats all alright.
And dont end the war... yet although i doubt it would have.
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Don't worry about it. These stories don't move that fast. By the way (this goes for everyone) when you want to give general info that relates to you but not the story please place it in the other thread. That is what that thread is for. This one is for the story. Not repremanding just informing. 🙂

The problem is that, first, you have to distribute the 250 million evenly about pirate outposts-although if we plan to have several pirates anyway, that's actually fine.

The major problem, though, is that you cannot stash your cash-as the rules state somewhere, it has to be used all at once.

As far as upgrades, well, that takes a bit-message me privately over the matter, if you want, and I'll try to straighten anything up.

Good to see that this thing is near final production.


Edit: Ah, by the way. This thing really is nearly ready, so I'd say go ahead and start up the story-not necessarily warfare, though, just an adequate description of your government and characters. We can start fighting and producing tech and the like when all of the Rebels and Confeds are here, or have fleets made in their fronts.

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The Apple Cřre, captain of the Hulk, a Confed-built bulk freighter, leader of a good-sized fleet of merchant freighters, has noticed things stirring a bit. The news broadcasts recently have hinted at massive spending on both sides of the never-ending war, and, if fragmented reports are to be trusted, the pirates aren't doing anything small, either. So The Apple Cřre goes and sells his fleet. Six heavily armored bulk freighters and twelve hotrodded Argosies, plus what was saved from trading exploits, yielded 50 million credits and enough fuel to fly Strike Force Graphite around the galaxy twice. In orbit around New Istanbull, . A hunt for a notorious pirate captain, or perhaps an attack on a fleet somewhere...
(somebody PM me with a job)

Strike Force Graphite (again)
16xCorvette = 40M. (one of these is the flagship, which The Apple Cřre calls Doomblade.)
6xRapier = 7.2M.
10xScoutship = .8M. (if somebody's gotta know lightyears away...)
5xClipper = 2M (oh, joy).

Eegras, standing atop his high rise apartment complex, overlooks the main city of Sirgil. He hears a creak of his room door opening followed by the normal click of the lock.

"Admiral!" says a female voice from behind. Eegras turns around to find a young woman standing behind him in the standard Rebellion uniform. A red stripe around her forearm notes her ranking as Admiral's Contact. "Our scouts have reported an independent trader close to our borders. He looks quite promising."
"Good!" Replies the Admiral, "Send them a message of hospitality."
"Will do sir!" She snaps her hand to her forehead in a salute, turns on her heels and makes her way out of the room.

(TO): Pippin
(FROM): Rebel Eastern Forces
(SUBJECT): Olive Branch
Greetings Captain Pippin, This is the Rebel Eastern Forces, You have piqued our interest and we would like to hire you as a mercenary. Reply to the message for the details.

Mack Deval sat at his desk, in his office. The office, of course, was located in a hardened bunker one mile under the hardened rock of Procyon's surface, to keep possible saboteurs from hurting the command staff.

An orderly knocked on his door.

"Come in."

"Sir, I have the latest reports from our scout vessels." He handed a sheaf of paper to Mack. "Here you are, sir."

Mack looked through them, then said, "So the Rebels are gearing up for a new round, eh? We'd better get moving as well."

"Yes, sir."

The orderly left his office, and Mack composed a message to the fleet commander on Sol.

(TO): Fleet Commander NFReader, Confederation High Command, Sol
(FROM): Mack, head of Southern Office Confederate Naval Forces, Procyon
(SUBJECT): Rebels
(BODY)Sir. I have reason to believe that the Rebels are gearing up to hit us again. My scouts have reported fleet movements and increasing training queues. I have deployed the fleet with the standard formations as outlined by Command. If you have any other data or any orders you need to send to me sir, I await them eagerly.

Mack leaned back into his chair. The Rebs wanted a fight? They'd have one coming to them, all right.

OOC: Is that acceptable, my having scoutships reporting that the Rebels are gearing up for war? This is the first one of these I've done in several years, so I just want to make sure I'm doing it right.

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