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Out of interest, what does everyone call their ship? Any really good, excellent, class names that should be shared with everyone else? It'd be fun to find out.


I've always been fond of "Cobalt 60" or "R.S.S. Red October"

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Alright many of mine are taken from elsewhere, but these are my originals that i thought were real classy. Forgive me that they are for EVO but my EV ship names weren't taken very seriously.

UE-Carrier: Exselsior : means ever-upward, IE my glory and fame, and power.

UE-Cruiser: Incisor : the cutting tooth at the front of a mouth. I am the cutting edge at the very front of the UE or Confed Fleet. I am the feared.

And of course my ship, my Miranu Gunship
In my recent game i called it the Vengeance, the act of getting revenge, or inflicting pain, injury, or punishment upon one for the others wrong.
I usually call it the Avatar, though. It is much more intimidating, and it means the embodiment of

Ace Battlepilot
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No problems with EVO names. Pretty cool, like them a lot.
Doing a lot of chemistry myself, I've become fond of involving chemical names in the formula. Here's a few recent ones:
Mendelevium Spirit
Mercury Dart
Vanadium Arrow
Silver Magnum
Zirconium Arrow
And so on. Not quite as cool as incisor, but i likes 'em


I tend to use the same sorts of names for EV and EVO. Stuff like:-
Ark Royal
Royal Oak
Kitty Hawk
Independance, Freedom, Justice (Rebel or UE Ships only)

for my capital ships (I include Aradas in this description)

and callsigns like:-
Ghostrider 7

for my fighters.

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i just call mine "boring trade ship I", "boring trade ship II", etc. so the enemies dont know that i have a fearsome warship and think i just have a boring trader and dont attack me hee hee 😉 😉


Of all the names I have ever used, this one is my favorite: The "Triton Corsair"...I love it. 🙂

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My Rebel cruiser is called "Killer"


The "Flying Astro Turd"

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I often name my ships after people I know... my current ship is the Sikes-Miretzky.

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Originally posted by Starkiller:
**I often name my ships after people I know... my current **** is the Sikes-Miretzky

That's a nice typo there... 😉


Blade for my Kestrel....Fereth Runneth for my freighter/shuttles....

My pirate ship is the Star Dog ... no matter what craft it is.

(I hope/wish someone will have a plug for pirates where they have turned (say) Evildrome into another manufacturing base. Their class of ship should be the "Corsair".)

My Rebellion sympathizer ships are always double-consonant names (Tazz, Lazz, Jaxx, etc.) Don't ask me why, they just are.

If I ever stooped to a Confed sympathizer, it would be named the ... "Worm," of course..!

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One of my favorite names for my rebel cruiser is "Valkyrie."

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I always call my ship the same thing, unless I don't want to; "Rebellion's Demise" the rebellion in the name isn't necessarily The Rebellion just rebellion in general, kinda like the rebellion that the pirates and renegades are responsible for. Of course the name takes on a more sinister tone when I'm a Confed sympathizer...

Captain of the "Rebellion's Demise"

I call my ship R.S.S StarRider or U.S.S ARES

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Shuttle: Earth Star Voyager
Courier: Orion Explorer
Corvette: Orion Marauder
Cruiser (either side): Orion Overlord

Those are my favorites.

I once had a Clipper I called the "Mos Eisely", though - didn't last long (Javelin accident!)


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my first ship was The Chicken McStopper, and my name waws Lock Manshee

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I usually name my destroyer class ship StarSlayer. This was my handle in Netrek, a multiplayer space combat game on the internet from the 80's. See (url="http://"")

Also commonly used: Crusader, Conquerer, Galaxy Commander (from battletech, high ranking officer), Overlord, StarMaster (old atari game of the same name) for ships I intend to dominate planets with.

Glomer Explorer (US navy spy sub), Expedition, Intrepid (well known SUVs), Journeyman, for ships that I map the galaxy with.


Heh, you may think it silly of me but I use fox in a lot of my ship names. My rapier was Dark Ace, corvette was Fox's Folly, Kestral was God Fox, and my Confed Cruiser is named Dark Fox. They are my personal names for the ship. My pers is named, of course, Desert Fox.


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