The Boozerama Bar NE

2,000th post! Yay!

Jimbob fires rockets around- Nuclear rockets. The blow the crap out of the bar, and it disintegrates, only to regenrate again as it always does. Jimbob randomly beats Deadbeat to death. 😉

<Insert Clever Saying Here>
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Deadbeat is then stepped on by paying customers. Plxrom then finishes him off by steamrolling Deadbeat. The paying customers laugh and start crying because I ran them flat broke.

Life is like New York City, if you go to fast you will trip and fall in a manhole.

Cresent gets confused by Plexrom's post. After a while the confusion becomes too much so she orders a large pizza with cheese and bacon from the nearest Pizza Hut and eats it.

To err is human.
To err and blame it on someone else, is even more human.

Alrighty, 2000 posts is quite enough. NE 2.0 (NEII?), anyone?

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