Heh. Newbie City ;)

I've noticed that there are a whole lot of new people here with this new board format.
Just an observation 😛


Or maybe they just aren't being scared away? Or maybe it is andrew saying "hey, look, discussion boards" so they actually KNOW that we're here.


That's probably it, BH.


heh, big time. 😛

Yah...I kinda feel old now :)woooo..Anyways BH when did you become a moderator...

btw MacGP now has 3 posts I won't be a member in a year 🙂

Since two days ago, check out the developers corner =P


yep 😉

Yes, in a while we'll tell stories to the youngins about the Old Board (capitalized) like it is some lost legend. They will laugh at us and call us old and infebeled (spelling?) but we will all know that some day, the Old Board will rise again and we will laugh! Bwahahahahahahaha.

🙂 🙂 🙂


Yeah, MacGP is kinda right; this does make some of us feel old.

"When I was a little boy, we didn't have this board, we had a BIG FAT SPIDER!!!"

Doubt it'll be a popular children's story, but who cares.

Actually, it's the old regulars that are coming back. I've seen a few anyway.

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Or maybe with the re-registration they've just changed their nicks. Like me - I never posted frequently to the EV/O boards, but originally (1.5-2.5 years ago) I was Peter, then Peter Shepherdson, then Kosh, and now I'm R. Daneel Olivaw. I haven't visited the EV/O boards since Ares came out, and only about two people here I remember (Mac GP, Forge). So there! 🙂 (I hate UBB smileys!!!)


"The stars used to have dignity and mystery - now soot and pollution dim their light and no one cares - people have no time for stargazing anyhow"
-Morio Kita

Well, if you only remember those two you must've come recently. What about Kevin M. Boots, Regulus, The LordofLemmings (now wickedDyno, for some obscure reason), Joe Burnette, The Old Professor and I'm sure quite a few more that I forgot about...

There's always been this strange sentiment on this board that the longer you've been here (not played EV mind you) the better you are. Quite frankly, I find that disturbing. Even more disturbing are the posts purely made to state 'I've been here for a really, really long time', in more or less subtle ways. I miss EV for GrownUps. Tofu had really good rants about those things in the EV 'community'.

I kindly apologize for any insults. None were intended, I assureth thee 😉

I hope you don't all really feel old! I would hate to think that changing boards put you through so much stress that you aged quickly! 🙂

Nahh, but the new boards are nice, and I found the layed back people, such as forge (and me) took it very well. Unlike da newbies 🙂

One thing I like is the fact that if you reply to a post all the way at the bottom, it'll return to the top. That enables you to get your reply seen by the message's writer.



Heh. This is even making ME feel old, and I havn't even been here that long.

I remember all about that old board... (although I didn't visit all too often...)

I guess I'd qualify as an old rare visitor (That's what you'd say about a guy who only showed up every couple of days or weeks, right?)

If anything, I am /not/ an EV newbie, I've had the game for definitely more than 1 year, Most likely more than 2, and I think more than three (but that's as far as I'll venture to think, I really don't think I've had it for more than 3 years... how old is the game itself, anyway? I really can't remember very accurately how long I've had it... I suppose I'd sound pretty stupid If I thought I had it longer than the game's been around... but I'm pretty sure two years at least)

ANd, no, I didn't hear anything about this forum to bring me here, I just came back 'cuz this comp is in my room, and when I was grounded from the comp, I can only use this one... During that time, I became more interested in EV, and even though I'm not grounded any more, I'm still playing it...


good to see all the oldtimers here posting away like nothing ever happened, duh, heh, not!, just posting nonsense to up my status :0 well cyas all back at #ev

Well, Solo, I was actually talking about this messgae thread.
I agree with you about the longer/better stuff - who gives a merde?


This is a test: Sacré Merde!
Suce ma bit!

If you are going use French obscenities, at least get it right! And I'd rather you didn't use them at all. I bet I can swear, insult, and spew obscenities in French much better than you can, but I won't, because I choose not to. You should follow the example of your namesake and obey the laws of robotics. 😉
By the way, for anyone who cares, I didn't become a "veteran" of the Ambrosia boards by spamming it up to get enough posts. I've been posting here since I started playing EV, and it used to be a nice, civilized place, full of kind, considerate people. I hate it here now. It's getting worse than the EV disc boards were when nash & rebel were acting like disgusting idiots.
Sorry, R. Daneel (or Sheppo) if all this bile seems to be directed at you personally. It's really not. It just happens to have escaped in this reply to your letter.


I know I am not entirely free of blame for rubbish on the board, but you do seem to be rather easily offended. Just realise that probably at least 80% of the posters here are teenaged boys - not generally regarded highly for their politeness or tact. Of course, I am also a teenaged boy. I generally (flame board excepted :)) try to be reasonable and as polite as possible but of course it doesn't always work. I'm sure lots of other people here do the same. There are plenty of older-than-teenagers here as well, and they are often rather rude too 🙂

My message to you is: Don't try to tell people here what to do - they won't listen. You'll just have to try to ignore swearing 🙂


I agree. i try to be a voice of reason, but look at it - the net is mostly populated by teenagers who act like this. there's not much we can do a bout it. i'm a teeneager - i've been here for years. and i know the best path is that of reason. its the only chance we have.
admiditly sometimes i get pissed and do things i shouldn't but...

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