Classic Ambrosia games rant

Ahem, why am I not playing Avara on my iPad right now? Let me guess, not buddy buddy with the developer anymore. Time to kiss and make up. Port Avara, escape velocity, Maelstrom, all those classics. My childhood friend and I are reminiscing about these games when we should be playing them. Aperion at the very least! Shut up and take my money!

Why would you even want to play Avara on the iPad? Way too many controls. It would suck.
I would love a new Avara (or even just to be able to play the old one), but why are people wanting to port everything to iPad? Some games just aren't right for it.

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Also a lot of old Ambrosia games are actually... bad games.

Once you take off the lens of nostalgia, many of the classic games have huge flaws in their conceptual design and their functional execution that are pretty obvious from today's standards.

Avara was one of the good games, though.