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NIce works !!

Sorry 2nd post but the water texture is very incredible !! Skill of creating as i see 😉

The texturing looks hideous, totally ruins the game IMO.

Avara was about game play, not graphics. It will never be about graphics, because you will never be able to make a game that has graphics anywhere near the quality tha major companies are putting out nowadays, meaning, no "new" player is gonna download Avara because it has "cool graphics", if they want graphics, theyre gonna download a blockbuster game by a major company.

Therefore the addition of textures is pointless. Rather than focusing on the APPEARANCE of the game, focus on the GAMEPLAY and a major part of that is the PHYSICS.

Still to this day original Avara has the best physics ive ever seen in a game. Ive never played a game where you could get yourself nut-sacked on a railing and beg for mercy to your opponent or where your chin could get stuck on the edge of a block as your legs dangle over the edge twitching, nor where you could jump into a corner and wedge yourself 10 feet up while some nub pisses a stream of nades to where you "shouldve" been had you not wedged yourself with the Sphinx trademark "Corner Stall" move.

If you want Avara to be good, STOP focusing on graphics, and start focusing on recreating the physics as IDENTICAL to original Avara as possible. This means corner stalls, chin-hangs, nutsackings, grenade drop shots, grenade straight sling-shots (when you fire a grenade the exact moment you jump thereby firing the grenade in a straight line by counterbalancing its arcing motion with the hectors verticle motion of a jump and it also shoots the grenade with incredibly greater forward velocity that makes it fly nearly twice as fast through the air towards them and impacts them with much greater force), SUPERJUMPS (SJs that require the SAME performance as they did in original Avara), double-bounce-jumps (where if you jump once, hit the ground, and jump at a precise time upon hitting the ground, your second jump uses the inertia/velocity of your ground impact-rebound to "SPRING" your hector even higher the second jump verse the first jump, infact on a double-bounce-jump I could easily get 30-50% higher than ANY first-jump could ever get me), etc.

The hectors legs were sort of like springs. If you bounce a spring off the ground once, it goes fairly high, but once it comes down and hits the ground, the gravity forces the spring to compress even more than the first bounce, and thus when it comes up from the impact a second time, it has much more force/velocity that rockets it even higher the second bounce, amazingly Avaras engine allowed the SAME THING and this is how double-bounce-jumps where possible, and theyre were awesome.

THESE were the things that made, and still make, Avara the best gameplay ive ever seen for a "first person shooter" style game. Its physics were ahead of the time, and infact, are STILL ahead of the time. Juri unknowingly made incredibly advanced physics with incredibly crude methods.

ANY "recreation" of Avara that does not remake the physics 99% identical to the original, will never be worthy of being called something even closely resembling Avara.

I dont care about graphics, if I wanted a game with good graphics, id go play Halo or something. You'll never be able to compete with major companies, graphics wise, so dont even try. You wont attract new people to the game because of its graphics, as the kinds of people who are attracted to games based on their graphics, will find a much much stronger attraction to games with much better graphics.

ADDITIONALLY: Id have interest in designing levels for this Avara Redux if ever needed. Not sure how level designing works for it though. But id love to be a part of the level designing for it if it ever has any hope of actually coming to completion. I can also consult you on the very FINE DETAILS of the Avara physics that MUST be recreated to capture the true essence of the game. I know the Avara physics and how to exploit them better than anyone else to ever play, I made corner stalls and double-bounces a part of my advanced movement repetoire and could pull them off on a frequent basis with absolutle functionality to them.

Many can testify to chasing me pissing nades and then watch me pull a totally unexpected corner stall, then proceed to grenade myself out of the corner so that I land behind them, and as I was flying through the air pissing a stream of nades that drops straight ontop of their dome taking 90% of their shields off, and as I land on the ground behind them I land with a crouch and hit jump at the pricese landing time so as to launch myself up again and at that exact moment of crouch-jump transition I fire my last grenade as a straight-sling-shot that heads perfectly horizontally straight into the back of their dome blowing them to pieces, pieces that I then land into a cloud of from my double-bounce jump and proceed to shake my head and vibrate my verticle-height-shift as I taunt their delayed-incarnation-screen with an always insulting victory dance (another thing I pioneered in Avara - I jacked the idea from playing Unreal Tournament where they had taunt dances you could do like a pelvic thrust, figured id port the concept over to Avara and I did - yet Uno seems to insist hes the one who started it, but I know he didint, but he always tries to steal credit for my ingenuity in insultantry - what a wanksta wannabe champster).

GG nubs, GG.

Personally, I sort of like the cel-shaded look. I think it's a good mix between graphically simple, but still visually appealing.

I think the level of eye-candy should be a matter of user preference, kinda like the optional ambient holograms and sounds in the original game. If you go that route, you would need some method of tagging various qualities as critical or not. Some textures might provide a vital clue to a solo/coop mission, while others would be purely aesthetic. Same goes for a few other things like volumetric fog. It not only looks nice and provides a feeling of distance, but can also cap viewing distance if it's dense enough. If one player chooses to switch it off, he may be able to see and target an enemy, while the enemy has no idea where that fire is coming from. In a map that allows for such situations the option should be forced on, or perhaps have the server use each player's preferred setting as a vote, with the majority preference taking effect over all.

Hi to all people of Avara fan, i wanted to know if the game is in advance because i'm really want to buy the game.

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Hi to all people of Avara fan, i wanted to know if the game is in advance because i'm really want to buy the game.


Which is kind of sad, unlike the hundred other "Avara remakes" this one actually showed some promise.
I guess you could always download and play the in-progress version he hasn't updated since 2008.

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