Target Practice Level

Would someone mind making one?

Hi. I just wanted to ask if anyone would make a target practice level. My grenade and plasma aim is pretty lousy and I'd like to improve them, but I don't know how to write a level. So, would anyone like to do it?

Try the level Slip's Nade Practice. It's pretty good for plasma and grenade practice (as the name implies.) You should be able to find it in the Avara Ad-ons section.

Playing against other people is also a very good way to get your accuracy up. I don't know if you might have a firewall problem that prevents you from doing so, but if you can it would be a good idea.

Unfortunitly I do have a firewall problem. I'm going to work on it though.

Sad. There ARE ways around it though. Don't give up trying. §carlet §torm eventually figured it out.

Damn, no offense to anybody here, but isn't Avara a little old-school? We have new and better Mech' games such as Mech' Assault and Mech' Worrier 4. Oh well. I don't care, but it seems like that game is old and its graphics are lame. -_-

Yes, Avara is old. Yes, its graphics could use improvement, but they aren't likely to be improved to the point I'd want them (just some VERY low-res textures, simple lighting, and new weapons-nothing fancy. Fancy is the part where you forget Avara).

What, this Mech Assault/Mech Warrior doesn't even have grenades or entirely variable hulls. You probably can't even shoot the other guy's missiles. Many of the walkers can't even jump. How good can it be without that?

And as for your appeal to general novelty-newer is not always better. For instance, if someone claimed that one plus one equals three, would that mean that their statement would be better, and therefore more correct than the older claim?

It seems to be that your main argument is that the game is old, which has nothing to do with the game's actual properties. Judge it on the assets, not the release date.

As for graphics, well, if that's the only factor you choose when you play a game-why not just go outside? It's a lot easier and you'll have the best graphics available to the public. Afterwards you can come in and play Avara. Besides, one thing to remember is that many people played games-TEXT games-and loved them, so it is quite obvious that 'good' graphics are not necessary to have a good gaming experience. Although they may help, they do not entirely reflect the quality of the game you're playing.

If you want realistic graphics, go outside-and when you're through, come back in and play Avara. 🙂


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lord_tycho, on Jul 12 2005, 08:24 PM, said:

Damn, no offense to anybody here, but isn't Avara a little old-school? We have new and better Mech' games such as Mech' Assault and Mech' Worrier 4. Oh well. I don't care, but it seems like that game is old and its graphics are lame. -_-
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If you're not going to actually discuss Avara in a realistic light, please leave us alone. I mean this as politely as possible, of course, but Avara is a great game in more than a few ways. The level customization capabilities alone make it revolutionary in the world of FPSs. Seriously, I can give so many examples of stuff Avara has or doesn't have that all combine to make it one of the best FPSs ever made, easily. I'd make a list, but Consul Bob beat me to it.

Yes, do leave us alone. Avara and other "Old" games are much better then some of the new junk that comes out now.

Apple Core: As stated a million times on this board - Avara will not be able to support those kind of improvements, there would need to be an entire new game programed.

As for the actual topic: I used to toy with the idea of this kind of level... and would almost be willing to dust off the ol' mac to make a level for that purpose... would be fun to make some levels again 🙂

Just let me know.

Oh yeah, Ace, give me an e-mail about your firewall problem... I'm a network technician and could mostlikely help you out 😉

Would there be any chance that I could get some assistance with my router as well? I can join other people's servers, but others can't join my server. It would be nice to be able to host when the need be. Nothing too complicated. I just can't figure out how to open the right port on the router. It isn't like all the other routers.... 😞

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Uhm, how do you expect to be able to test that? The tracker is still down.

Hmm, I dunno. I could try running some ping tests or whatever those are...traceroutes. Anyway, I only need to figure out how to open ports on the router. Or is it possible that the problem lies in the fact that I have multiple computers using the same router for the internet and IP addresses get messed up for each of my computers? I'm not an expert though, so i'm probably just babbling.

Should be easy enough. Read your instruction manual that came with the router 🙂

And get the admin password. The manual is useless without the admin password (I'd serve if I could but I lack the admin password and the ability to forward the right port).

One word: Google.

No router worth its salt has an unchangeable admin password. As a matter of fact, the factory password on the router I'm stuck behind is "admin". But that's not it. Throwing the dictionary at may or may not work.

If he doesn't know his password, how is he going to change it?