GTW Game 42

Water and Soil

Player list:
Eugene Chin

"Gentlemen," mrxak said, looking around the room. "And lady."

The five members of the committee looked confused at each other a moment.

"I've gathered you all here today to determine which of you has been vandalizing the community garden," mrxak continued, quite sternly. "I know some of you have been saying it's those good for nothing teenagers sneaking in late at night to make out and drink beer, but I'm telling you, only the six of us have the combination for the gate!"

The garden committee all stood up and started screaming accusations at each other, as mrxak sat back in his chair and clasped his hands in front of his chin, hiding his smirk as he scanned the room with his narrowed eyes.

"Enough!" mrxak shouted over the din. "Sit down, everyone. We won't solve anything this way. You all remember the sweet potato incident."

The committee members, sufficiently abashed, took their seats but continued to glare at each other.

"My dear friends," mrxak continued throwing his arms wide. "I propose a very simple solution to the problem. Each day, we will meet back here, and expel one member of the committee. Naturally as chairman I am above reproach, so I will change the combination for the gate, and inform the remaining members of the garden committee of the new combination. We will do this each day until the vandalizing stops. I see no reason any of us will want to suffer the indignities of another squashed tomato or stolen squash in the night, so we begin now! As soon as there is a majority in favor of expelling one of you, we'll do so. Until there is a majority vote, no one leaves this room alive!"

The committee members seem to be with mrxak up until that last point, and immediately start complaining about needing to use the bathroom or get a drink and a hundred other pressing concerns.

"Quiet!" mrxak yelled over them. "I have already locked the doors to this room. If you need to use the bathroom so badly, vote quickly. But do vote carefully, gentlemen. Whoever is expelled from this committee will likely have to answer to the director. While I suspect only one of you may be vandalizing the community garden, even the appearance of guilt cast on anyone over this matter may result in unfortunate consequences in the community. We are, after all, talking about the community garden."

The other five members of the committee nod seriously at mrxak, and give the issue some considerable thought before beginning their vote.

Welcome to Bunker 17.

I have now sent out PMs to everyone indicating their role in this game. If you did not get a PM, you are a filthy stinking liar and should be ashamed of yourself, but let me know anyway so I can call you a liar and re-send the PM.

To clarify, there are exactly two roles. Four of you are loyal members of the garden committee, seeking only to protect the community garden for the betterment of all. One of you is a vandal, murdering helpless innocent plants for motives that aren't yet clear to the rest of the committee. Perhaps, tonight, more than just an innocent plant will be murdered to make his or her motive more clear. Only when the vandal is expelled from the committee and prevented from entering the community garden ever again after hours will the vandal's identity be revealed.

The committee chairman requires a majority vote to expel any member from the committee. A simple plurality won't do. With so few players in this game, I don't think it'll be too much of a problem. Somebody make a deal or make a better argument if these votes get stuck.

The bombs fell ten years ago.

I shall make my decision using a random number generated on IRC.


(8:15:11 AM) ***retep998 rolls 1 4-sided die: 1

Therefore I randomly vote for Mackilroy to be expelled.

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I vote for retep in self defense.

Man I forgot how much this game sucks compared to Resistance...

Anyway, am I correct in understanding that we must lynch someone each day? (If so, good.)

@techerakh, on 23 September 2012 - 09:55 AM, said in GTW Game 42:

Anyway, am I correct in understanding that we must lynch someone each day? (If so, good.)

Yeah, that sounds right.

(EDIT) Since this is an mrxak game, the way he wanted to handle collective abstentions in the old games was to let the bad guys kill two players to make up for it.

Mackilroy: (1)

retep998: (1)

No Vote: (3)
Eugene Chin

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Alright then, let's try SoItBegins , picked because he hasn't said anything yet.

Sorry, woke up late. Natural countervote for Techerakh.

(EDIT: Though, I secretly believe mrxak has been the vandal. :ninja:)

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Why does everyone do the countervote thing? Is that another one of those mrxak rules of thumb that everyone sheepishly adopts?

P.S. I think you're right; mrxak is deffo the vandal...

Current Tally:
Eugene Chin -
Mackilroy - retep998
retep998 - Mackilroy
SoItBegins - Techerakh
Techerakh - SoItBegins

I'll let you figure out if this is a list of votes against the person on the left, or votes against the person on the right. I'm not going to have the vandal kill two people in the night if you don't get a majority, I'm just not going to let any of you out of this game alive until you've reached a majority. There will be no night until someone is expelled. Somebody bandwagon against somebody. I'll remind you there is no food or water inside the conference room, and if somebody pees in the potted plant over in the corner, I'll take it as an admission of guilt.

There used to be seven members of the garden committee.

Because the votes are evenly spread and Eugene hasn't voted yet, the choice of who to expel is up to him.

@mrxak, on 23 September 2012 - 07:06 AM, said in GTW Game 42:

The committee chairman requires a majority vote to expel any member from the committee. A simple plurality won't do.

The bombs fell ten years ago.

My vote doesn't matter that much, because we're here until somebody reaches three.

We've got two self-defense votes, one vote against a lurker who has responded, and one random vote.

I'm going to say retep998 this time.

retep998: (2)
Eugene Chin

Mackilroy: (1)

SoItBegins: (1)

Techerakh: (1)

Oh right, I forgot about that whole plurality vs majority thing.
Anyway, I'm gonna shift my vote to either SoItBegins or Techerakh.


(4:33:39 AM) ***retep998 rolls 1 2-sided die: 2

Alright, I'm changing my vote to Techerakh.

EDIT: After doing some thinking, Techerakh holds the majority choice here. However he only has one other voting bloc to join, which is that against me, because he obviously won't vote against himself. Ditto for SoItBegins. So, unless either Eugene or Mackilroy changes their vote to someone else, I'm pretty much screwed.

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Provisionally changing my vote to retep998 based on his above (sound) logic. No, I don't particularly suspect him, but I suspect him a hell of a lot more than I suspect myself, and that is the choice I am presented with

Eugene Chin - retep998
Mackilroy - retep998
retep998 - Techerakh
SoItBegins - Techerakh
Techerakh - retep998

"It seems the membership has reached its decision," mrxak said, looking through the ballots. "retep998, you are expelled from the garden committee, effective immediately."

"What? What no! I didn't do it!" retep998 protested loudly, as mrxak stood up and walked over to the door to unlock it.

"Thank you all for coming, we'll see tomorrow if the vandalism stops," mrxak said, swinging the door open wide. He beckoned. "retep998."

"No, please! You can't possibly think I had anything to do with this! I'm begging you, please," retep998 said, coming over to mrxak.

"Enough, retep998. The garden committee has made its decision. What happens now... well, good luck to you," mrxak said, showing him out. retep998 looked nervously at the two men in orange suits waiting just outside the door. mrxak gave him a little shove and swung the door closed behind him. He returned to his seat. "Gentlemen, and lady, I will change the community garden lock immediately, and inform you all of the new combination within an hour of closing. I just hope this will be the last time I need to change it. Thank you all, again. You may leave."

The garden committee members scrambled quickly towards the door, all of them eager to use the restrooms down the hall. mrxak watched them closely as they left, put some papers into his briefcase, and headed for the exit.

"Yes, yes, I do hope that's the end of it," mrxak announced to the empty room.

The recent garden vandalism is not the only troubling incident in the bunker lately.

With my last breath, I curse Zoidberg!
Posted Image

Why is mrxak putting retep in the place of Adam and Eve being expelled from Eden?

"Gentlemen," mrxak said, looking around the room. "And lady."

The three members of the committee looked confused at each other a moment.

"You're probably wondering where Mackilroy is," mrxak continued. "I'm afraid I have some bad news. He was found this morning in his room. An autopsy is being conducted this afternoon, but it seems he made himself a nice meal for dinner last night with some vegetables he picked from his plot in the community garden, and well, they were coated with poison. He never did wash his produce."

The garden committee seemed stunned. No one seemed to know what to say. mrxak sat back in his chair for a moment, looking at each of their faces.

"Furthermore, it seems the garden vandal has struck again," mrxak said. "Somebody ripped up the arugula plants. Snapped all the stalks in half. They... they can't be replanted."

The tension in the room immediately increased.

"I'm told by Mrs. Winters that she's got some more seeds, but needless to say, she's quite upset. Gentlemen... and lady, there was also a message left by the vandal. The arugula plants were arranged in crude letters," mrxak said, seemingly quite upset all of a sudden. "I will not trouble you with the content of the message, I'll only say that it was political. The director wants this terrorism to end. Whoever doing this is... a traitor."

The committee members all look at each other, quite nervously.

"I am begging you, gentlemen, if you should know anything about this, come forward immediately. If this has been some kind of prank or misunderstanding, it has gone too far already. But, I am confident we can convince the director that you simply need help... that... that you will be okay if you just see a doctor," mrxak said. "We've all been under a lot of stress, especially recently. I don't think anyone can be blamed for a momentary loss of reason. But gentlemen, this must end. It is better you retire, and spend some time getting the help you need, than to continue this madness and be charged with treason. Surely, you must understand this?"

mrxak looked around the room, at each of the remaining members' faces. No one spoke up.

"Very well. You will vote again. If two of you agree to expel one of you, it will be done. Oh, and before I forget, I'm told retep998 is doing quite well. I know none of you have seen or spoken with him since yesterday, but I spoke with someone who saw him this morning. There's no need for concern over his wellbeing. Very well. Please, you can start your deliberations now," mrxak said. "Remember, no one leaves this room alive until you've made your decision. I've already locked the door."

The other three members of the committee nod thoughtfully at mrxak, some of them pulling water bottles and food out of their briefcases. They get to the distasteful task of deciding who should next be expelled from the committee.

Player list:
Eugene Chin

No one has seen the director publicly in years.

I should never have changed my vote. I was right the first time. SoItBegins.

Well, I'm not a traitor, so either you're misguided or you're evil. Given that you're usually a bit more sanguine than your current aggressive stance: Techerakh.

EDIT: It's really freaking hard in < 7-player, because you only have two rounds to establish a pattern of behavior.

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