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I've decided to host another contest.

1. Have fun.
2. Make something new.
3. If you want, collabs can be done.
4. No entry for number four, see rule no. 1.
5. Set a goal. (Optional)

If that doesn't make sense, I'll paraphrase.

Make something original, something that does something interesting that maybe hasn't been done before. Incorporate interesting things, maybe timed triggers, walls that are shootthrough and not flythrough or vise-versa, just something that hasn't been done before. There is no size limit, just make sure that you can finish it in half an hour or less. (This means that you can make it as short as you want. Like Lars made that race with the really short time limit, and yet that was a great level.) Contest ends whenever all the participants are done/Christmas. (It will finish whenever everyone is finished OR on Christmas or so.) You may work with other people, just make sure that both people do as much as each other. Set a goal, try to make something new. (like drivethrough but not shootthrough/vise-versa walls..?) HAVE FUN!

List of participants:
.1. Kasofa1
.2. Lamkin
.3. Odie

List of goals (Numbers are related to who's goal it is, mine would be #1, Lamkin's #2, and Odie's #3, ect...)
.1. Interesting new sort of boss fight.
.2. Protect the VIP.

Please, post goals on the thread!


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Pinned for awesomeness.

Okay, sign me up. I've even got something in mind.

Sign me up. I'll release one of my awesome levels by Christmas. 😉

Thanks Mackilroy! (Dances teh pinned thread dance.)
Ok, Don't be afraid to post goals here, we have that list up there for a reason!
I'm going to try and think of something new to add, I think it's going to be a boss, incorporating wavewalls and anything else I can dig up.


The basic goal is to rescue and "protect" an enemy. (That goal may change, however, as I'm still kinda playing around with the whole concept.)

I'm still on schedule with my goal. I'll upload it here on Christmas Eve.

Merry upcoming Christmas everybody!

I might just use my Ruzzle for my contest entry, because it's the only map I've made and the boss fight I was making didn't turn out.


QUOTE (Kasofa1 @ Dec 20 2009, 11:13 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I might just use my Ruzzle for my contest entry, because it's the only map I've made and the boss fight I was making didn't turn out.


Shame on you :mad:

Hey, it's a mainly new idea, right?


I'm not having much luck with mine. Sorry. Feliz Navidad.

Ok then, the completion date is set to new years, if we still have trouble, we can just go with what we've got.


Christmas Eve is still my deadline. Shame on you Lamkin!

Two days till Christmas! 🙂
:hector_bird: Hector approves. I wonder if the Ambrosia folk give her a present?

Well, it's Christmas here, Klubs, what'chu got by the way of levels?


I have the most impressive luck. I didn't have a chance to work on the level on Christmas Eve, so I figured I could finish it on Christmas, which is today. No luck for me. I woke up, and found that I was as sick as a dog. I'm having trouble typing correctly at the moment :mad: Sorry, no level for you guys for a couple of days.

No problem, just don't get sicker pl0x. Levels come after real life.


I'm un-sick now, and my short level is finished! Enjoy!

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Will play, downloading and opening now.
Very nice, I like the concept! The boss was challenging, but not impossible. I just had an idea for a level! 😮


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I'm un-sick now, and my short level is finished! Enjoy!

I couldn't get past the part where you have to jump. And even though my momentum seemed not to be slowed at all by the 'gravity' and I was flying pretty much right down the middle of the the ladder, I still couldn't break through. (I'd even centered my ship so that I only needed to push the up arrow key.) Aargh! 😛
Nice concept, though. 🙂
Glad you're feeling better, Odie. I'd somehow missed getting the flu while the rest of my family had had it. (A slightly obsessive amount of hand washing had done the trick, I think.)

And I still haven't made any progress on my level. After an hour or so, I could tell that the concept I was using wasn't going to turn out very well. And as far as coming up with other ideas, it seems that the well has run dry.

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No problem, no problem. 🙂