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a mini-project in dedication to the PMS teams... please help!

Hey all, in my recent epic ( still not named) I am doing a small section that is dedicated to the Project Multi Sketch teams. (both 1 and 2) My epic is full of different parts dedicated to different people, and I thought the part dedicated to the PMS teams should be a mini project multi sketch. I would like about 4-6 participants. 🙂 Here are the rules:

1. DO NOT look at the rest of the level. Of course, you will see the level map when you move in the editor, but try not to study it. Any participants of this mini-project will receive the first release of the level, but don't check it out now.

2. Each mini-area should not interact with another part of the level.

3. There are two invisible walls (temporary, of course, merely for editing reasons) that show where your area starts and where it should finish. Note that these areas are extremely tiny, they are just a demo of the idea.

4. Do not use a Boss or Mini Boss in your area, please.

5. Extra2's: Will post the ones you can use once I have the number of participants.

6. Just put "Z" in front of any parent-child links to avoid doubling up.

7. Do not use an upgrade.

8. Have fun!


Thanks a bunch,

PMS is a funny term. 😉

I'd participate, but school started so I have very little free time nowadays. 😞

I don't know if I will have time or not <_<

It's up to you, but honestly if you have the ten minutes or so it takes to post you have enough to make an area. They are small. And if you really have no idea what to put, you can just do a curvy passage with some flickers, bugs, and a carrier. Still, up to you.


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Fine. How do you want me to do it? 😛

I'm in.

QUOTE (Sidepipe @ Aug 22 2009, 01:33 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I'm in.

Great! And Odie, do whatever you want! I've seen your levels...I'm sure you can think up something!

By the way, Kasofa and Lamkin, even if it's technically partially dedicated to you, that doesn't mean I don't want you to participate. Or, if you're just avoiding this topic because you don't to, that's okay too. 🙂


I'll try to come up with something. Count me in.

Who goes first?

QUOTE (Odie @ Aug 22 2009, 07:20 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Who goes first?

You! I'll PM the level right away... just remember, NO PEEKING!
Reread the rules if you're confused.

Extra2's: 1057+ but do not skip numbers and tell how far up you've came.

Klublex 🙂

Hey all, I just noticed that my level is now the first ever in the course of Sketchfighter history (I believe) to have ever made it into megabytes... unfortunately that means I'm going to have to email the file instead of PM it. 😞


laughs Ok, I'm in I guess. I haven't really opened the editor recently. I will try to check up on this though!


Okay, Lamkin, you're first instead of Odie. I'll email the file to you. 🙂


Okay, I'm done. (It's a pretty small area.) I've really only done a background, if you will, so I've asked Klubs to put all the enemies in it. Please lemme know if that proves to be too frustrating.

Great, Lamkin! Thanks! I'll pass it on to Kasofa.
I got to say, I watched that emoticon about 15 times before replying. It reminds me of a kid on my soccer team... :rolleyes:


Lamkin, after thoroughly looking at and playing your mini-area I have to say... it's absolutely superb. I am constantly stunned by your patience and accuracy with paper-filling. It makes it all look really cool. I especially liked the two red-pulsing dark blocks at the end... great job! Kasofa, your turn. Check your email!

Klublex 😉

Thanks for the comments, Klublex.
It's certainly not easy to fill color like that, especially when the editor's lagging because the level is so damn ginormous. 😉
Yeah, the two blocks turned out well, I think.

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I beg for a screenshot! begs

I honestly didn't do all that much, but here's a part of the area:

Of course, the blocks look a lot better when you can see the red squares pulsing. I really like the effect and I'm thinking I should have made a few more of those...maybe even a couple of moving ones. They look evil, don't they?

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Nice! That looks awesome!

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