Ares Map Grid

How precisely do you create a grid, as shown in the standard Ares picture? There doesn't seem to be a blank one in the Hera supplementaries, and as it is, it looks like I'm going to have to go through and edit everything by hand.


As far as I know you'll have to do it by hand...
...planning an ares plug? :laugh:

I am.

By hand? Bleh. That'll be harder than making the rest of the plug, methinks.

Surely you had some other method, in It's War? You redrew the map a bit.


The map is a PICT resource file (number 8000 i think) inside the Ares scenarios file.

You open the Ares scenarios in Res Edit, open the PICT resources and then take a screenshot of the one you want. Do this in OS9 and you get a pict of the image you want, in this case the map. Open it in Photoshop and start editing. Save the result as a PICT resource and use it in your plug 🙂 .

There are probably other ways of doing it, but this was what i did.

I sholud have an extracted map file on my Ares Archive disk which I could email to you if you like, save you all that bother of extracting it...

Yep, found it, and it is resource file 8000. Isn't memory a wonderful thing!
It's the modified version of the map file for It's War, but would be very easy for you to edit.

I was fiddling around with it not too long ago -- and then, I did something...and discovered Photoshop's Guide feature.

It rocked. I covered the standard Ares grid with it, and it worked, so I made a blank file, used the exact coordinates of the Guides on it, and took a picture. Edited that a bit so it'd be just right, and voila. Snazzy map grid.

The map is finished, and it does look cool.


cool - looking forward to the plug then.... 🙂