The future of Ares?

I voted F for B and C.

B because I would love to play Ares again, especially considering the fact I liked it so much I registered it.

C so that the new generation can experience Ares. As well as the fact that there is so much potential for it.

... just a thought, has anyone yet tried Ares in Classic on an intel machine? Perhaps it might work and we'd all be saved from having to play newer games!

The classic environment does not function on Intel-based machines.

If you are truly desperate, you might be able to use this:

I really wish Ares was carbonized.

Not at all,not as long as i have my dual boot PB. I play Ares in glorious OS9 vision, native. (It's about the only thing i use OS9 for these days)
But I suppose I'll have to get an IntelMac soon...

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