Favorite plugins?

recomended plugins?

Im new to Ares and having just beaten the 20 missions, i need more. Which plugins are good?

Hey, a new combat pilot.
Welcome 🙂

Most plug-ins with a rating of 69 or higher are worth trying.
The best is probably The Iron Fist, Footsteps of Pyyhrus and my own lil ol pluggies, The Audemedon Crisis and it's sequels, It's War (of which there are two parts, play part 1 first!) - Tech help still available if you get stuck in the It's war plugs!
Of course I'm totally biassed.... 😄

The Babylon 5 and Star Trek plugs are also worth playing.
Also there was one called secret levels which is a good shooting practice scenario and
Cruiser vs Schooner.

Happy combat!