The Death of Ares

Ares is now officially dead. According to me. Mourn now.

It doesn't run well under panther.

I humbly suggest to Ambrosia to remove the Officer's Club, Engineering Dept and Newswire sections of the Ares boards.

Thankyou for your time.

Ambrosia seems to be going back and fixing their old games to run with Panther. While their pace and interest seems to vary from week to week, its probable that Ares hasn't been forgotten yet. Perseverance may yet win the day.

Heck, even Cythera is being ported to OS X.

See the Help on the Way topic.

Myself, and a number of other Ambrosia members, submitted to test the update. No one was got back to. Tends to suggest a lack of interest, methinks.

Probably because they're busy with other things.

Doesn't help that people are whining about wanting changes in the webboard software. Only can do so much at a time.

Or because they're fixing the bugs in the Ares Panther port 😄

Ares will never be dead, as long as someone fires up Hera to make an odd scenario or two, every now and then...

I contacted Ambrosia about the update, got a response within 24 hours, and had identified a few problems within a couple more. If no one is responding to emails, then my guess is because the time is spent fixing Ares (or on other similar projects), rather than spending the time to respond to emails (which I'm sure they receive a lot of).