Is it over?

What will us players do if PoG is tanked? Would it still be illegal to get a regisration code, or can we just ask ASW for one? Hm should I start downloading all the plug-ins now before they go?

Here's an idea: Wait for PoG to be forgotin than secretly put it up under OS9 only, see if people notice. 😛

Yes, thanks RD, great job. I doubt anyone could have done better.

Well I think I choose the perfect time to drop in! :laugh:
Anyways last year I think we tried to register PoG and it said we couldn't because of bugs that cannot be fixed. I havn't checked since but could you tell me if I can register it now?


Shall the Pillars of Garendall Never Fall

No from the website, no. However I rember reading somewhere that you could buy a registration code from someone else as long as the seller is destroying their version of PoG and getting rid of their registration code. KInd of an honor system I guess. Maybe if PoG finally does go under I can buy a code from someone who doesn't want to play PoG anymmore.

@it-000, on Sep 16 2007, 09:59 AM, said in Is it over?:

could you tell me if I can register it now?

Two Jacks, on Sep 16 2007, 04:09 PM, said:

I rember reading somewhere that you could buy a registration code from someone else as long as the seller is destroying their version of PoG and getting rid of their registration code.

No, to both. Registration data contains information about the specific computer to which it is registered. It also includes info on the date it was registered, the name of the person who bought the registration, the email used (if any) and other data personalizing the registration. If one were to copy the game or registration off my computer, for instance, the registration would burp and indicate that the game was not registered. If one then tried to renew the registration, an email would be sent to my address, not their's, saying there was an attempt to register my game.

Please re-read my post about four posts up:


.... you cannot buy a registration for it so you'll never be able to finish the game or play most of the plugins.

I'm sorry I have to burst your bubble. ~RD

That is horrible that I can't register. :mad: :unsure: 😞

I'm so far to. I have the Elven Bow of Destruction. (Which kicks butt!!! :laugh: )
I also have faced and killed Cyclopses(So far the hardest enemy killed)

I have a question: What do the stats do? (Strength, Vitality etc. etc.)

@it-000, on Sep 20 2007, 06:41 PM, said in Is it over?:

I'm so far to.

I have a question: What do the stats do? (Strength, Vitality etc. etc.)

You're so far to where? Or did you mean "I'm so far too."?

A discussion of stats is worth a topic all by itself. If you type "stats" in the search box at the bottom of the main forum page you will come up with many threads about the value of statistics.

Briefly, Strength increases the damage you can do to a foe with each blow. Vitality increases your health points on each level-up. Luck gives you a better chance of getting more and better things dropped when a creature falls. Dexterity allows you to score more accurate hits. Marksmanship (or Perception) is only important if you use ranged weapons (Bows.) You have to get your value above 15 in any area before you notice any change.

You can also find this information in the manual which comes with the game. Manual?? Who ever reads the Manual?

Seriously, Rubber Ducky, you're an enormous internet loser.

Chiding and correcting individuals for simple typos and grammatical errors.

While you were whiling away in the doldrums for the past 2 years;

I've completed a degree
gone up 3 income brackets
starting an LLC

And you're right where I left you, locking threads and scolding naughty children.

This is truly hilarious, is this a foreshadow of my high school reunion.


Seriously, ellrx, I had my three degrees before you were born, I haven't locked a thread in ages, and if the kids don't learn how to write correctly in school, perhaps they can learn something here.

I'm glad you were able to get that bile out of your system though. It's not good to have it eat away at your insides.

My former opinion was that you were intelligent (if somewhat hard to understand) but I might have to reassess that now. You, of course, are entitled to your opinions as well, be they misguided or not.

Anyways back to topic (no offense to anybody).

I just thought about this: Has someone tried running PoG in sheepshaver? It's worth a shot. I know you'll still need Classic, but it would still allow it to work on an OSX computer.

Hey RD,
Long time since I have made a visit, but just wanted to check on the news. Doesn't look too good, does it? Well, thanks for all you have done over the years to keep us informed and on the right track. I still play on my old G3 sometimes. Too bad I can't register and play the whole game. Transport plugin did make a lot of areas open to me, so that helps some. POG is a good game and I have never seen any serious bugs in all the hours I have played. I guess because I don't know what to look for.
Sad but still hopefull,

@easyed, on Nov 30 2007, 10:41 AM, said in Is it over?:

Sad but still hopefull,

To EasyEd, Two Jacks, macmaxbh, and anyone else out there with concerns for the wellbeing of PoG,

I find no evidence with which to still be hopeful. It should be obvious to all by now that ASW has moved on and discarded our beloved game by the roadside. There is no cause for tears or anger. We all had fun with it while it lasted. It does amaze me that this topic has had so many "hits" (6250 and counting) but I suspect that most of those are made by a small core of hangers-on who keep expecting some turn of events. There are no events in the foreseeable future. Because of this, I am closing this thread. Everything about this topic has now been said.

The forum is still open for comments, questions, or discussions. Please refrain from posting rants.

In the words of T. S. Eliot,
"This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper."

Your faithful servant, RD

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