Some new weapons

Lepton turret
P-K turret
LRPK turret
Heavy missiles
Light missiles
Rear facing concussive pellet guns

new ships:
heavy fighter
light fighter
battleship (buildable)
Assault Cruiser

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Concussive Pellet Turret.

Rename "Heavy Fighter" interceptor, "Battleship" Dreadnought.

Scrap Light Fighter, because it isn't possible!

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Suicide Drones.

Why the hell no light fighter? Just make it impossibly fast and don't give it a gun! 😉

Sundered Angel ,
The One and Only

And Onas turret (ouch!)
Nuclear Missile

Light fighters: 50 shields double manuverability and speed.
Interceptors would be a different class of their own, sort of a heavyfighter/heavy destroyer

Plan: 1300 shields
Cruiser speed/m
Lepton cannon, concussion missiles.

I'm AirPlane everywhere else. Perhaps you know me.

Antimatter Reaction Pulse Launcher (AntiMRP)

High powered pulse weapon that converts matter into energy by bringing antimatter into contact with it (burn, baby, burn)
AntiMRP's woul have to be either plan cool looking or the oposite of the background (white w/ black dots?)

Light Fighter: Max possible speed/manuverability (or maybe a little less ;)), ONE of those weak @$$ weapons those gatori scum-f***ing fighters have 😄
It could kill anything by always being behind other ships. Offset this with low power and extremely low shielding.

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Tail-Gate Mines: Drops mines behind you that temporaly disable that persons ship. If chasing you in warp it could force them to drop out.

NovaSphere: Shoots electrity looking like ball that explodes soon after launch in a all directional burst of typeII antimatter pusle.

Ion Storm: Shoots a bomb that creates a visible ionic field in that area for a cetain amount of time. Disables all ships within till it dispereses.

SuperCarrier: Has Fullerene turret, can launch 10 cruisers, and has heavy missles.

SuperDestroyer: can launch five fighters, has di-missle turrets, and rapid fire tri-fullerene cannons.

Now aren't we getting a wee tad too powerful here?

But the Nova Sphere: I like it. 😉

Sundered Angel ,
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Really now did anyone ever think just how fast a triFullerene pulsecannon would waste it´s ammo?!? If one FPCannon fires 2pulses/sec. then 3FPC would use six rounds/sec. Nothing could withstand that lets see, a carrier hmm Audemedon shields 7500-200x6/sec= 1200/sec ehh be reasonable it would only take 6.25seconds to destroy it. And you should have ammo load of atleast 300 to even fire the gun for 15 seconds.

But Novasphere I like that too, maybe a ship with flak artillery (with a little bit more power) would be nice yes.

That reminds me that border drones and Flaks are not at all indestructible, I happened to destroy a border drone (in Captivating) with the Bazidanese BS. and I didn´t even loose almost any shields. If that rapid plasma would be just bit longer ranged it would be great (or why not a rapid atomic pulsegun)

Why not anti missile missiles 😛
or maby a ship with capability to fire energy to refuel other ships (I hate it when I run out of energy during a battle)

Hmm turreted weapons a Fullerene pulseturret 🆒 , or missile turret 😄 , or why not a fighter with T-Space (short range T-Space), or a Zerblite launcher (friendly to user ofcourse) 🙂 , or a cloaked missile or a cloaked spacemine or cloaked whatever.

Or minimissile launcher or a minigun (normal pelletgun with firing rate of
100r/s damage would be nice (3000/s :rolleyes: )) or LRLepton or LRPelletgun (just to make it a bit better).

Or asteroidgun (packed with unstable asteroids :eek: )

There´s lots more of these innovations where those came from.

Strange just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field but now I feel quite cold And just what happened to my

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This may be slightly off topic, but a noticed a very cool typo in Hera: Any object (planet, ship, weapon shot) can have a build tag.

So what I was thinking, is that you could take that super carrier idea, don't give it a ship bay, just turrets and tracking weapons, and toggle the build flag. You just set it so it will only produce fighters.

Now, this would make it a rediculously powerful ship, so you would want to give it extremely high shields, but the worst speed/acceleration/maneuverability in the game. You also probably don't want to be able to build it, but rather, protect it or lose the mission.

Or perhaps this is an ability you want to save for a gateship.

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Those were some especially interesting ideas, Commy. Especially:


CommyBastard wrote:
**Tail-Gate Mines: Drops mines behind you that temporaly disable that persons ship. If chasing you in warp it could force them to drop out.
Ion Storm: Shoots a bomb that creates a visible ionic field in that area for a cetain amount of time. Disables all ships within till it dispereses.

Except Ares doesn't do a very good job of detecting collisions between very fast moving (warp speed) objects.

The ion storm would be possible, as long as it was made to be rare. It could potentially require a lot of objects, which could get out of hand.

Where were you guys when I was writing this?

Would it be possible to make something that refils your back up power?

Cause if you could that would be so very very sweet 😄

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I happened to think the same thing about the build tag, unfortunately what I understood about it is that it messes the game if used with moving objects. So we can only hope that it doesn´t.

I noticed by the way that if you have launched every fighter of your carrier and wait for a while (about two hours) you´ve got yourself a new fighter, which I think is strange, because it never happened again.
I noticed this when I had used 1/3 of my other weapons and all of my fighters and I still had almost full shields, but still there is energy drain, well I waited and waited and finally a new fighter (used a humongous amount of energy).

And more weapons I made up:

1.a weapon that makes a jump-point and sends the target to other dimension or atleast to a big distance from you.
2.weapon that fire small unstable asteroids.
3.Ramming device allows you to create a plasmafield to the fore for a moment so you can ram other ships.
4.Energy drain: instead of using shields it drains energy. (to your ship)
5.what about a weapon that reconfigures the enemyship to your use (something like an engineer drone) I think that it may be possible, think of the Flaks and Border Drones. Would be nasty in netgame to take over the ship the other player is currently using 😛
6.a dividing ship like a zerblite that you could fly and stuff (mayby with a ranged weapon like "acid spitter" 😉 indipendent little flak launched from a ship. Could have pretty nasty weaponry (and you could protect more important ships with em´

Ares does register collisions made in "light speed" why else my signature would be what it is (that happened pretty often in the early days when I didn´t yet know how dangerous those unstable asteroids are, even in "light speed").
And if you hit to a missile, debris or whatever, you do get damage (guite stupid if you didn´t).

C-Missiles have shields of 30 and A-Missiles an impressive 1500 or so (dang, it was hard to destroy one for a try), R-Plasma have the same 30 and so does atomic pulse. Can´t destroy a c-missile with a single hit from human laser now can you or even with a single hit from T-Space Boltrod.

Did anyone notice that sometimes a hit from an am-pulse doesn´t destroy a fighter (if shields are 100) but the shields are just gone and the ship is still intact (if viewed with the select or target window there are no shields at all)

Maybe I should have taken the name "The Smiley Man" cuz I use so many smilies (I´ll try to get rid of that bad habit)

Yes Dr whatever Finland is in between Sweden (unfortunately (I have to study that stupid Swedish language)) and Russia so Bravo!!

Strange just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field but now I feel quite cold And just what happened to my


1. Impossible. A weapon can impart a great deal of velocity, or change absolute location. You probably want the second, but it's absolute - it wouldn't move the ship away from the ship that fired the weapon.

2. Weapons can fire anything. You can conceivably make a weapon shoot hyperspace-capable homing bunker stations.

3. You don't even need the ramming device to do this, you can create any kind of effect on collision. That's how zerbilites attack.

4. Possible, although it would need some trickery to make sure you couldn't get energy even if you do not hit anything with the weapon.

5. Think it can be done, have to check.

6. Sure.

7. Quite possible, although nasty.

BTW - yes, I'm a Hera tester, which is how I know. If you want any other possibility checks, go ahead and ask, I'd be glad to help.


Thank you Admiral Sargatanus, thankk you!! (Kisses feet repeatedly) The build tag fixes the most annoying bug in my entire plugin. 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 I hope the moving object bug isn'y there

No, I'm not that cruel. I don't use the flamethrower on my
enemies. I save that for my
-caalaklael, the trigger
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To Replicant:

Unfare!!! Some people can be beta testers but not me!!! (cries like a baby (with a big grin ofcourse) 😉 )

There was some talking of making a ship capable of building (instead of just launching) is that possible. From what I understood, it messes the game if one uses build bit with moving object?!?

Can´t make any more at the moment, but I´ll get back to it. 🙂

Nice that even someone replies my messages (rarely happens)

Strange just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field but now I feel quite cold And just what happened to my

Hey, coalaklael, way up there, first response, "Interceptors" are called "Interceptors", in all other cases, because they AREN'T heavy fighters and are built to be fast and maneuverable and not built with heavier shields or weapons.

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That's what I've always thought of them as. "Heavy Fighter" sounds kind of stupid to me. Besides, both an interceptor and a heavy fighter, in my opinion would be halfway between fighter and cruiser.

And just look at the next line if you're confused as to why I replied.

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Since everyone else is theorizing, so shall I.
Three words: Hyperspace capable missiles. These missiles would have just enough energy to make a brief hyperspace jump before impact. Is it possible? Pax?

Hyperspace mines
These objects would be prepositioned in systems at the beging of the level. They would have the same impact charecteristics as green asteroids. They could not be created in the game though because it would destroy the ship that launched it. The Mine would look very small but would have black "mass" unseen arround it to simulate proximity detonation.

The way to have carriers/gateships/motherships build things is to simply decrease the amount of time it takes to replenish the "amo supply" of that type of ship. The same way that it takes a much shorter time for the Heavy Destoyer to make C missiles it can take less time to make fighters.



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Human ships really need post-revolution improvement. Give a carrier missles and replace cruisers with this...

Human Frigate (slighty more expensive than a cruiser, less than a gunship)
Unturreted laser

Faster than a fighter and gunship.
About as tough as an Ishmian cruiser.


Concussive Packet Launcher
Launches 5 or so small debris-sized homing packets that move about as fast as a fighter and do 30 dmg.



Uhh, I'm not sure. I still haven't opened Hera. 😉 (b1 wouldn't run on OS 8.1 machines, and I haven't been able to download it on my new machine yet, ambrosia's FTP server keeps wigging out on me.)

From what I know, I would think it isn't possible. I mean the missles couldn't actually ENTER hyperspace, I bet they could go fast enough that they could overtake hyperspace capable ships.

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