State of Hera 01-20-2000

Some new screenshots should be appearing in the next "Ambrosia Times," as far as I know.

To address some concerns I've heard:

You will be able to import sprites into Hera. Using your own graphics programs, you'll create a graphic file that has each frame of a sprite laid out on an invisible grid. Hera will be able to read that graphic file and translate it into the Ares sprite format.

You will be able to create network scenarios.

Hera will require a PowerPC and at least an 800x600 pixel display.

Uhh, what if your graphics program make 24 (or however many) seperate images? Should we use the programs available to merge EV sprites? I could never get them to work!

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Uhh, then I'll guess you'll have to paste them together into a single image with some paint program. You'll need a paint program capable of setting a 256-color image's color table anyway.

Most of Ares' ships have 24 rendered angles, but the engine can handle more (or less).

Network scenarios? As in Multi-level net scenarios? If so, someone needs to make a scenario for the weekly tourney.

Argh, 800x600?


Is this a recommandation or a "Hera won't start up under anything less" requirnment?

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Gulp. Graphics settings mystify me. I have no clue how to set color depth in POV-Ray. Is thousands of colors ok?

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Screen size:
The 800x600 screen requirement is not absolute (Hera will run on a smaller screen) but some of the windows will be about 800 pixels wide or 600 pixels high. Sorry.

Color depth of source images for sprites:
Ares is a 256 color game. It uses a fixed palette of colors. If you want to import sprites with Hera, you will need a program capable of saving a graphic file with a specific color palette.

For some new screenshots of Hera, check out the Screen Snapz article in The Ambrosia Times:

Also, if you aren't on the Hera beta test team and would like to be, please post a message to that effect here. No promises, but I'll see what I can do about getting you onboard.

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I'm interested in beta testing Hera.

contact me at

I love you admiral grammaticus and andrew... uhh, hmm... i shouldnt let my feelings run wild like that anymore... well, id be interested in beta testing
(ahahahah!!! they'll never find out about my secret affair with Hera!! They'll never know this is just an excuse to spend more time with her!!!... uhh, darn it!!! not again!) 😉

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I'd be glad to beta test Hera. What I want more then that is to be an Overloard for the Cythera thread.

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I would love to beta test Hera when the time comes.

As would I.
The only Ares-related thing I would like more is if you could fiz the cookies.

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I would also like to beta test Hera.

I have a very odd computer that would be perfect for beta testing. Throw me in!

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i'd love to beta test hera... i've done some beta testing before (aol4).


I would love to......but that isn't looking too likely.

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Who wouldn't want to beta-test Hera, honestly?

I'm more than willing. If I ever get a second display, I could even test it on two computers (if it's 68k native).

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I would be honored to beta test hera, as would my brother (who is not registered for the board but is well, ummm... obsessed) Two users here, so extra input.

please, please, please, etc. (me) and/or (my lousy no good brother 😛

:eek: I'm dead

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I too am interested in beta testing Hera. Also, where is my Ambrosia CD and T-shirt? (as promised to me in the Kudos and critism page) Also, Andrew, I did not get to see you at the last Mac world in NY, rumor has it that the lady at the Green Dragon booth has a restraining order against you and captain Hector. Reportedly, the restraining order said something about you and Hector staying at least 3 gridz away... wierd

(aka Alex)