"Aftermath", My Plug-in Announcement

A while ago I announced my plans for a future plugin I purposed. Well I'm wrapping it all up in this formal announcement.

I am pleased to announce that my expansion pack- "Aftermath" - will contain a complete Ares expansion, not only featuring 10 new net maps, but over 15 new single player levels plus an additional tutorial/training set for improving piloting skills and strategies. Aftermath will also feature 5 (possibly more) new ship classes, as well as full ship sets for Elejeetians, Obish, and Bazidanese species (allowing their use in multiplayer).

Aftermath extends into the dark future after the UNS recapture of Earth; from the devastation of the Omisha system and the capture of the Elejeetian homeworld, to the final, conclusive battle at Sol. Aftermath is a galaxy where reinforcements are scarce and enemy fleets plenty. Band together your allies or you'll be eating hard vacuum- unlike the original missions, everywhere you turn you're facing a Salrilian or Audemedon fleet. In Aftermath, you'll learn to combine your adept piloting skills with your wily strategies to overcome the formidable fleets of Salril. Here is the story of Aftermath:

With their Gateship assisting the Humans against the Cantharans, the Ishimans were both oblivious and helpless against the Salrilian fleet heading towards Omisha. With the Gateship away, the Ishimans were unable to defend themselves against the overwhelming force that came to crush them. The Salrilians had projected that the Ishimans would make a major tactical folly while helping the Humans, and already had this fleet perpared in advance for it. They knew they could give their opponents a false sense of security and could strike deftly at their main planets, crippling their fleets, and seriously hurting their morale.
And so, Ishima was the first to fall, while the Elejeetians were being overwhelmed by a large and swift Audemedon fleet. Although the Salrilians and the Audemedons experienced large loses, they had effectively reduced the Ishiman and Elejeetian fleets to a few scattered squadrons. The Obish and Bazidanese remained, but their fleets paled in comparison to those of the Salrilians and Audemedons.
Now, as a UNS Captain, you must gather up the remnants of your allies and fight back against the greatest odds you've ever seen.

Keep a look out for Aftermath in the near future, perhaps a couplea months after Hera's release. I'll try to keep you all informed!

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

Sounds REALLY cool! I can't wait!

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You can make new multiplayer maps?!?!?! I didn't know that! Wahoo!!! ... wait a sec... have you verified this with Admiral Gramaticus? He might make you peel space potatoes if you start spreading rumors...

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Sounds neat Veg. Although its a bit presumetuous to assume that you'll be able to do all that stuff at this point. We may get Hera and find out that making a map is nightmarishly hard and 10 new netmaps will take years. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, it IS known that Hera will be able to produce multi-player maps. Check the (url="http://"http://www.axis.n3.net/misc/interview2.html")Hera Interview(/url) for some hints. Its not explicitly stated, but seems to be assumed.

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Why could't the Ish just use jumpgates?

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Probably because the area of the Sol system and surrounding systems are most likely devoid of Jumpgates. Though the Gateship was in the area, it still takes time to move enough ships to stop an invasion fleet. The Sals managed to catch them off guard. Even if the Ish made it back to their home, their battle-worn fleet would have to face a massive, victorious fleet with little or no support from Ishiman(sp) worlds.

Delightfully grim. Good work Veggie.

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Here's a little clarification on the fall of Ishima:

1. Keep in mind that the Ishimans donated a large amount of hardware to the Campaign for Earth. We're talking a good amount of Carriers, as well as HVDs- recall "Hornet's Nest". Thats a lot of equipment they sent all the way into enemy territory.

2. Even if the Ishimans were able to pull in all the ships from their other systems via warp gates, keep in mind the technological advantage of the Salrilians. Also, the Salrilians had been planning this for some time and to the Ishimans, it came by surprise. The Salrilian fleet also is gigantic (you'll have to fight it in a mission) and the fact that it attacked Omisha entirely in tandem pretty much offset any hopes of the Ishimans winning.

3. Not only do the Salrilians have a huge fleet, but also the Audemedons. It is possible that these two could have teamed up as well. Think about trying to fight a doubly large Salrilian/Audemedon fleet. πŸ˜‰

I hope that clarifies some conflicts.

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

What are you thinking of in the way of netmaps? Lamont said that the scripting system might as well not exist as far as anything really cool-sounding, but I can think of some interesting things just juggling planetary build lists and outposts (1/2 resource contribution) vs. bunkers and planets.

Oh, one thought. I don't think Omish is the home of the Ishimans.
For one, Ishiman literaly means "from Ishima".
For another, the source of the warning was (b)Ishima(/).
Finaly, Omisha had no planets, just a station (it did use a planet graphic and have moons, but it said station - maybe it's an artificial planet, which would put a whole new light on the relative levels of Ishiman and Star WarsΒ™ technology, but I have no proof).
Also, the Eleejetians probably had almost no navy, as it said they almost never arm ships.
You should include a monsterous Sal gateship that could kick the Death Star's butt. And have that the final battle. Or at least with a big fleet in the final battle.

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Actually, Omisha probably does contain Ishima. The Sol system has Venus, Mars, Jupiter... etc., but you only see Earth. In the tutorial you're probably in some training area of the Omisha system, and so, they only focus on that particular area of the system.

This does mean that I will have to create appropriate new levels even though the systems you'll be in will be the same as the original game. I do hope to attain an atmosphere in these levels, and my highest priority is to make single player quite challenging.

Heres some rough and unofficial ideas for these single player levels:

- A level staged around one of the few existant Ishiman shipyards. Your objective is to hold off the Salrilians for 20 minutes while your new and improved fleet is being built. First of all, you will have a finite amount of ships, and certain ships will have to be protected. Secondly, the Salrilians will constantly send in forces throughout the whole 20 minutes, with an aggressive last minute assault you must hold out on. You also can't just run away- the Salrilians want your planet, and its up to you to defend it. Then as soon as you have your fleet you can bust out and rip up some Sals.

-A level staged around a few Elejeetian defense stations. You'll have to save our unfortunate allies from the nasty Audemedons. Similar to the Shoplifter levels, but I need to find some way of releasing the "hostages" without actually having to attack the stations themselves. You'll have to rescue a very small amount, however.

-Another level will be similar to "Easy Street" except not so easy. You'll have to prevent the Salrilian transports from taking one of the Human planets. Lets just say you can't sit at the planet.. there'll be a sizeable fleet there.

-One large level, where the allied fleet will have to fight the main Salrilian fleet at Earth. Not an easy battle, mind you.

I'll certainly have more refined and simply more ideas for single player levels in the future. I hope this is enough to tease you.

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

Heres some net level ideas:

-Tic-Tac-Toe - Capture three stations in a row to win!

-Capture the Flagpod- A modified Flagpod stage where you'll have fun trying to capture that flag when its surrounded by 4 flak drones. Although its almost instantenous victory if you touch it, you'll have to keep in mind what a SINGLE flak drone can do. This time you'll have to dispatch some Engineering Pods to actually win.

-Space Race, The Sequel! - Battle with your large fleet against an opponent. Best pilot takes all.

-Grolk, Don't Run. - Fight head to head with a whole array of Grolk ships.

-Territories- Capture all the bunker stations- if you can!

-I've Got the Power- Protect your power stations, and use them to build a fleet to crush your opponent.

-Space Warz, HVD Style- Battle head to head with your favorite HVD.

-The Vent Core- Start out only being able to build Assault Transports and Engineering Pods, and capture your way through the Vent Core, gaining the ability to build more ship classes.

-They're Everywhere- Squadron fighting at its best. Fighters, Interceptors, Heavy Cruisers, and Transports are the only ships you can build.

-The Ares All-out- Rock and Rock, only many times better. Experience all the new ship classes, and learn how to use them. Build Interceptors, Heavy Cruisers, Gunships, HVDs, Frigates, Carriers, Defenders, Battleships, ATRs, and Transports. They're all at your disposal- use them wisely!

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

Veggie, i am part of an online software company, Aeon Productions, that produces plugins for EV and EVO and we are looking to expand to the Ares playing field. You seem like a natural leader and we might be interested in having you among us. I will communicate with our president and get back to you on it if you are interested. Mail me.



<The Vent Core> Subtle Marathon refrence?
<The Ares All-out> What, no gateships?
Like I said, a massive Sal gateship would rule. I doesn't even have to be the final level.

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Cripes, whats your obsesstion with gateships?

Mmm, net levels. Rep, time to crack out your list of cool things to make. πŸ˜‰

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I like gigantic battleships. Is that a crime?

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Oh yes, and heres a listing of the new Ship Classes you'll see in Aftermath.

Frigate- A small "Capitol" ship (see my posting: "Rock-Paper-Scissors" Theory) capable of engaging squadrons of small ships. Moderate shielding (about 2500 for Ishiman Frigate, between an HVD and a Gunship), light weaponry that disperses over a wide area, and usually a rapid firing beam weapon. Decent speed and manuevering, somewhere in-between a Cruiser and a Gunship.

Interceptor- A fighter with heavier shields (about 500 for Ishiman Interceptor), a hyperdrive, and a slightly meaner beam weapon (either stronger or faster firing). Similar handling and speed with the Fighter class. A nice addition to the Squadron vessels.

Heavy Cruiser- Though this concept is not new, it will be developed for all species this time around (also a few minor tweaks to the current models). Faster beam and pulse weapons, a concussive weapon (missiles, etc.),heavier shields, and better speed and handling than a normal Cruiser. Yet another nice addition to the Squadron vessels.

Battleship- Also not a new concept, but it will be a ship class availible to all species. A carrier without fighters, but rather more speed and manueverability and slighty improved weapons (i.e. more ammo, improved Cell generator for the Cans, etc.). An impressive, yet expensive, capitol ship.

Corvette (?)- A Destroyer type ship. Contains higher shields than a gunship (around 3500 for Ishimans), and much, much more devastating weaponry. Though it is manueverable, almost as much as an HVD (well, atleast more than a gunship), its primary weapon will be slow and clumsy, and also will take quite a bit of time to recharge/reload (Ishiman Corvettes will have the Ion Cannon, an impressive yet clumsy weapon, more for the devastation of Carriers than anything else; the Humans will have the Yamato Gun, which is a similar weapon). The Corvette will also feature a moderate beam weapon (such as the Lepton beam) which will suffice in barraging large ships while your primary weapon reloads. Still quite susceptable to the smaller, more manueverable Squadron ships.

Defender- A beefed up defense drone. With a hyperdrive, you'll be able to send Defenders to your remote Bunker Stations and other vulnerable areas. However, its sluggish sub-light speed means that it cannot be used on the attack, or should I say, on a succesful attack. Deploying these Defenders can be an economically wise choice, as its heavier weaponry and shields (over that of a defense drone) will dispatch of many ships while costing significantly less than equivalent defense for your stations or planets using other ship classes. In a league of its own, to say the least.

This impressive line up of well-balanced ships should prove to widen the field of Ares strategy, as I hope. Of course, these are all untested ideas at the moment, and much tweaking will go in to polish these ships and their roles.

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

Somehow I feel Vegeta is drawing to much "inspiration" from other sources.
Yamato Cannon? Hmmmm....
Oh, BTW, did you get your info packet for my plug?

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EV was built of off "other sources" like the Satelite of Love from MST3K, and many other vague references to Star Wars and Star Trek. I think I'm just using my artistic license. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I did receive that info pack from you Darkk.

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

I have some further information on the single player missions, and I'd also like to announce that there might be more than 15 missions in Aftermath. Actually, a lot more.

Aftermath will consist of a series of "campaigns", just like the "parts" of the original game. Instead, you will be able to play all the species in the game (except Grolk, of course) and each campaign will be linked together in chronological order, so you'll have to play through one campaign before moving on.

I've come up with a few short discriptions of each campaign:

Ishiman Campaign: A Game Called Survival- The Ishimans must rally their scattered and broken forces and escape from the Salrilians to Earth. All is not easy however; it will take some time for their Gateship to reach their position and allow them to escape to Earth.

Cantharan Campaign: Fistful of Steel- Down a gateship and many of their planets, the Cantharans look at the current conflict as time to make their move while uncontested. Will the Cantharans be succesful in their trecherous invasion of the helpless Bazidanese?

Elejeetian Campaign: The Stand- The Audemedons have just begun to assault the Elejeetian Empire. The Elejeetians know they cannot hold out forever, but can they hold off the Audemedons long enough to build their fleet?

Audemedon Campaign: The Fall- The Elejeetians have managed to hold off the Audemedon fleet so far, but the Audemedons know they must not fail their masters this time. They must break through the Elejeetian defense line and exterminate their greatest military threat before they can move on.

Obish Campaign: The Armtwister- As word about the Gaitori's intention to break the peace pact and join the Salrilian forces is discovered, and the dire need for ships at Earth, the Obish must make a stand against their former enemy once again. Can they reallign the spineless Gaitori to the defense of Earth?

Gaitori Campaign: The Extinguishment- The decision to help the Ishimans and the Humans causes some disorder amongst the Gaitori. Can the Gaitori quell the uprising amongst their own ranks on their way to Earth?

Bazidanese Campaign: Taking up Arms- The Cantharans have succeeded in invading the interests of Bazidan. Is the their once-unknown military might enough to protect themselves?

Salrilian Campaign: The Assault- The Salrilians are still busy weeding out the remainder of the Ishiman and Elejeetian planets. They now must prepare themselves for the final battle at Earth.

Human Campaign: In Unity is Strength- The final battle has finally arrived. Will humanity and its allies be able to stand against the Salrilian/Audemedon fleet? Can Earth survive?

That wraps up the campaign ideas. This is still an early announcement, and the game may turn out different.

-Vegeta <axis.n3.net>

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Oh, Omisha is a star. Ishima is a star. From what I heard, Ishima is not a binary system. Therfore the Salrilians must invade both.
PS Do you still want to beta test my plug? Please stop ignoring me. I sent you and email and asked you 2+ times on the board.

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