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MoO was insanely awesome, even with its dated graphics. Truly as classic as EV, and it can take hours and hours just to finish one game... And you don't necessarily have to win to end the game.


Hey, those of you who wanted to see the photos of the ships I have to work with, here they are; I'm going to upload them as a Microsoft Paint document.

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As for an update, guess what! Yes, I brought my notebook from home today! Here are the stats (so far) for the TC I'm making:

The ten major factions, including Humans, Klackons (my favorite), Darloks, Psilons, Sakkras, Alkari, Bulrathis, Silicoids, Mrrshans, and Meklars.
225 systems, without including mission duplicates.
49 usable ships, from the Human Escort to the Meklar Annihilator to the Darlok Enigma.
Master of Orion outfits, including the destructive Death Ray and Black Hole Generator to Rejax II fuel cells to Inertial Nullifier.
Actual in-game news, from comet threats to plagues to crystal attacks.

What it does NOT include:

Galactic Star Gates (to come in the Nova edition, if it happens.)
Stuff that can't be done in Override (weapons that affect enemy stats negatively, for example.)
Cheese on a Stick.

That's all for now. Catch you guys later, perhaps when I finally finish my first ship sprite (is taking long long long time).

Master of Orion

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How could you not include the Mrrshans? First MoO3 leaves them out as playable, and now the MoO TC! There is a conspiracy against Mrrshans! I'm sure of it!

This is true. Besides, with "ten major factions"...aren't those all the factions?

Humans, Mrrshans, Klackons, Darloks, Psilons, Sakkras, Alkari, Bulrathis, Silicoids, and Meklars are why not have the Kitties? They're a major faction.

Will the Guardian be there?


. . . (blush) . . .

Well, now that you mention it, the actual reasons I was going to not include them are stupid. They'll be in there now.

And, if I didn't say he'd be left out, then he's there isn't he? He's there faster than you can say, "What hit me?". Trust me, I know.

Oh, and there's even a news resource that goes something like this:

"Yet another idiot was slain against the Guardian of Orion today. Funeral services on Friday."


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I love the way the old, pixelated graphics look :).

Are the more 'right' graphics given to the appropriate ship, such as Humans=blue, and so-on?

Anaxagoras, on Feb 4 2006, 11:31 AM, said:

I love the way the old, pixelated graphics look :).

Are the more 'right' graphics given to the appropriate ship, such as Humans=blue, and so-on?
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I guess I don't know what you mean, but I have assigned colors to the factions:

Humans = Blue
Klackons = Green
Bulrathi = Brown (White ships, recolored)
Meklars = Orange (Yellow ships, recolored)
Silicoids = White
Alkari = Yellow
Darlok = Purple
Sakkra = Black (Red ships, recolored)
Psilons = Grey (Green ships, recolored)
Mrrshans = Red

That's about all I got for now, except that I forgot to add in the Space Crystal/Ameba. Also, I'm doing lots of research (playing MOO :laugh: ), and the map is about 40% transfered from my notebook to the plug.

Master of Orion

well this is quite interesting to say the least as I have also been playing around with the idea for MoO for Nova. Although I prefer to play it on Nova myself but it's definately sparked some interest at least. Master of Orion series has always been one of my favorites, I especially like MoO 2

MoO is indeed awesome.

The first and second I like about equally, they are really entirely different games. Never played the third, and if they left out the Mrrshan, I'm probably glad not to have. The Mrrshans were my favorite side in the first, and come in a close second in number 2.

And does anyone else think it is a bad idea to insult the race that is best at shooting things?

They're still there, but you can't choose to play as them. Though, ironically, there are more 3D Mrrshan models in the game than any other race.

But they still didn't need to remove them. They should have took out the Sillicoids or some other uninteresting race.

JoshTigerheart, on Feb 14 2006, 02:18 PM, said:

They should have took out the Sillicoids or some other uninteresting race.
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You mean the Bulrathis, right? The Silicoids are awesome.

JoshTigerheart, on Feb 14 2006, 11:18 AM, said:

Though, ironically, there are more 3D Mrrshan models in the game than any other race.
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Funny story about that, actually. There's MOO3 Encyclopedia entry on it.

(edit: here it is.)

RANTZ AND THE MRRSHANS, on MoO3 Encyclopedia, said:


When production began on Master of Orion 3, the team sat down to
pick which races would be included in this edition of the game. The
one race Rantz was adamant about cutting was the cat race, the

Now all Rantz had to do is come up with a way to get rid of the
Mrrshans within the MOO Universe. The idea was simple: blow them up
in the intro movie. Yeah, that's it . . . eliminate all of them in
one fell swoop. There was only one minor wrinkle in Rantz's master
plan: he forgot to add time into the art schedule to do the models
for the Mrrshans.

So, if the Mrrshans were to appear in the intro movie, Rantz would have
to do the models for them himself, in his "spare" time. And, as an
added bonus, because he wanted to blow up "all" of them he had to make
models for both male and female Mrrshans. In fact, Rantz ending up
making more models for his "favorite" race than any other race in the

The moral of this story is . . . Be careful what alien you cut from a
game as that decision may come back to haunt you for months and

Postscript: The Mrrshan cover for the Australian game magazine.

When Rantz was asked to do a custom cover for an Australian game
magazine, he decided to do something a little different. The art
department had been working on all the other races for the game and
were getting a bit burnt out on them, so to liven things up Rantz
decided to have Oscar use a Mrrshan. Once again, the Mrrshan curse
strikes. The infamous "Kangamoo Demo" has become part of MOO3

Lots of gems in that section of the encyclopedia. You can seriously spend more time reading the docs than playing the game.
The fact that the game is fully capable of playing itself has no impact on the previous statement. Really.

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Another day, another update! This weekend marks the end of map copying, as all the base systems are named, positioned, and hyper-linked. Now, onto the stellars! Also doing descriptions along the way, and I took a test run through the galaxy; it is, for the most part, empty. 😞 Speaking of an empty galaxy . . .

Tired of seeing people in games that you don't know who the <inappropiate word> they are? Want to see someone you know? Want to be featured in a game? Well now's your chance! Sign up via PM to be put into the Master of Orion TC! Send me as much information as you want: ship sprites, hail quotes, even a finished resource if you're that serious! Help populate the Master of Orion galaxy by becoming a part of it! Do it now! (WARNING: Playing the game you're in could result in an ethical paradox: is it murder, suicide, or clonecide?)

Matt Burch
Andrew Welch
David Arthur

(If the above persons do not wish to be included, PM me saying so. You'll be taken out.)

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I need of a graphics person. PM if interested. Master of Orion experience is requested.

Interesting Idea. Good luck to you.

MoO... ah, those were the days...

I never played Stars! (precursor to MoO)

MoO 1 - I played quite a bit, and it was great fun. Though, there were quite a few balance/interface problems.

I seem to remember someone making a Stars!/MoO1 hybrid that could be played on a PDA/Cell Phone. Can't remember where I saw that.

MoO 2 - I must have spent more hours playing this game than any other game - ever.
Though I begrudgingly have to admit, the Telepathic trait was way overpowered. Taking anything with Tolerant + Unification was a pretty strong pick too.

By the time I stopped playing, I had a strategy/formula where I could consistantly board and capture the Antarian ships on their second raid. Scrap them for the advanced tech, game is pretty much over for my opponents.
(Although, by that point, there was no opponet ship that could repell my boarding space marienes either...)

MoO 3 - Took me awhile to figure it out. I'd say that the 3rd party fixes are absolutely necessairy to make that game complete/playable. If you use the tools properly (this is harder figure out than it seems), you don't have to micromanage very much at all. I like it alot, but the documentation is woefully lacking. It's quite a game if you can take the time to penetrate it.
The worst part about it? I can't get the game to run without first inserting the CD. (disk imaging didn't work, couldn't find a no-cd crack for the Mac.)
So basicaly, I never play it anymore because having to find and insert the CD is a pain.
Trivia - six or seven of the user created flags were my creations. (I submitted more than I was supposed to, oops.)