EVO Ships Remake

While I'm not likely to remake all the ships from EVO, I'm going to keep a running list of all of the ones I've redone here. Note: All ships are made in Bryce 7 Pro.

Voinian Frigate
Posted ImageTopic: http://www.ambrosias...howtopic=129153

Voinian Cruiser
Posted ImageTopic: http://www.ambrosias...howtopic=130051

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Far out that is some fine work there! I have once again reached a time when I want to play through EVO again. I had it with the Marathon trilogy as well, but I sated that by just reading a bunch of the old story discussions - I found it hard to get into playing them again mainly due to a laptop keyboard sucking for how I'm used to playing them.... it's far more conducive to EVO, and seeing these pics has just pushed me over the edge, so here I go :).

Pretty good but I think you're over complicating the lines maybe a bit too much.

These are pretty much awesome.

I've been using that frigate (well, a version of it) as my desktop for months now, ever since I stumbled across EVWeb's website. The Cruiser, however, is new to me--and definitely awesome.

'course, I'm sure certain nerds are cringing about the turret placement, but thats the Voinians for you.

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Turret placement? What's wrong with it?

Hey EVWeb, are you still making these? It'd be great to use them in an EVO remake I am working on. Are the models hosted somewhere?

I am not working on them anymore, and I don't have any plans to make the models available.

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