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i need help

ok so i have had EVO for like since it came out and i think i was like 7 or 8 years old when i got it and i dind't know anything but me being a huge gamer i played it and founs it too be one of the best game si have played and i still thinks this today, i still play it by fooling around with things but anyway.

i need help or deep discription on the mission strings for Igrazad ( dam... umm forgot how to spell it ) and the Azgadari like for instents i am always getting stuck on the plasma siphon mission where i am supposed to go and destory and Azgadari warship and i do ( by the way i have Igraza ship for this.. and that ship always reminds me of a freaken penis does it for u guys cuse the tip looks at lot like it ) and thne i go to the space station and yet nothign happens did i do something wrong or do i need a to start all over because i have done this mission for like 6 FREAKEN years and had never bothered to go on the internet to find guides ( but i was very little and i ma now just 14 so yea i am just finding out about guides and stuff ) so now great leaders of the board plz i am asking for ur assistants or any other ppl ( oh and another thing i am a big geek and i don't if any of u are... off the point ) to help me or giving me good websites on the Mission strings of BIG AZADARI and the Igrazad

resists looking for matches

Welcome, Black Ops Ninja.

If you've destroyed the Azdgari warship, then you should pick up the next mission at the station, unless there was another ship you were to destroy and left the system too soon. Try the mission again, and when you hyper out of the system, hyper back in; there might be a remnant ship you didn't destroy.

Are you on a mac or pc? I know the pc version has a few bugs to it. Sorry I'm not very helpul.

EVula has some pretty good guides at the following site:



P.S. If you want to be taken seriously around here, work on the grammar. And, it's...


BON, the mission will fail and never restart if you click "abort mission" on your mission computer, making it impossible for you to proceed with any big mission string in the crescent wars.

zqipper, seems to me I aborted quite a few missions because I didn't have a big enough ship (or needed escorts or whatever), and was able to pick up a string again. πŸ™‚

Isn't it better for your legal standing to abort than fail a mission? shrugs I can't remember, it's been a while since I've played EVO.

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thanks and about my grammer i was in a big hurry because i was limited with time and wasn't at my house but anyway i use mac and i had been useing my computer from 1996 and yea i got pissed off not being able to do the dam mission so i dug into my house and got out my 2003 imac which had the version 1.0.1 oh by the way i had been useing version 1.0.0 which i don't if it is bad or not but now that i am useing it i have been able to most of the things like cheats becuae the cheats didn't work in version 1.0.0 all it did was fly around but thank you for the welcome and hope to be talking to everyone alot since EVO is all i play at home after school and weekends tell me if there is any thing wrong with what i have said like the version or computer i am useing and stuff....

THANKZ :laugh: πŸ†’ :rolleyes: πŸ˜›

That anime pic in your sig is annoying.

Indeed it is. As well as being a large image, it's bordering on pornographic and we don't allow sig images here anyway. I've PMed him about it. πŸ™‚

srry about that but i can have anime avatars right but it would be respectable πŸ˜„

@mazca, on Oct 31 2006, 07:40 AM, said in Mission String for all:

Indeed it is. As well as being a large image, it's bordering on pornographic and we don't allow sig images here anyway. I've PMed him about it. πŸ™‚

big smile for you

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srry about that but i can have anime avatars right but it would be respectable πŸ˜„

Yar. A few members here have anime avies.

coool buy anyway i just go to the point to where i need to test out the plasma siphon on a ship called A.S.S blisters and i dončt know wheree i can find the ship i had looked every where i got really pissed off and i spent all my cas on a warship when i had the chance for a crusier but can anyway help f me plzz

If I recall correctly (been a while since I did the Igadzra string) it's in one of the uninhabited systems 3-4 jumps southeast of the Igadzra system. It jumps in after a few seconds, so make sure you hang around in each one for a little while.

thz i will try it out hope it works and another thing wut is the best wepon in the game liek phase nutron blaze shells
cuse i really want to know plz and thz

That's an easy one to answer actually. Nothing comes close to matching the Disco Machine Gun. Not even that pathetic Forklift - that's only good for its long range.

umm ok but where do i get this gun that u are talking about and i finished the mission i am clsoe to finishing it too thz πŸ˜„ but the gun where do i get it ???

If you mean the Disco Machine Gun, you can not get that weapon. There maybe a plug that allows you to have it but it slips my memory. The forklift is a cheat gun you can get if you push certain buttons at the opening screen to get the MST3K EV opening version. Hope that helps.

It's all the modifier keys plus F. And you can hold it any time after holding Option? and clicking the about or the logo, as long as it's not after the MST3K message. And the best way to use a forklift is to run backwards whille holding the secondary weapon key. Though if you're TOO far away, it won't reach the target, so hovering far away is best.

And I'm pretty sure there was a pluggin that allowed you to get the Disco Machine Gun, but I don't remember the name of it.

ok i got the gun or machine gun i also got a hell of a lot of plug-ins but i can only have like 5 in one time i like the fast hyper jump one and ultimate armory i can shoot like 20 forklifts a second πŸ˜„ any one know of anygood plug in latly??

Frozen Heart
Femme Fatale
Empire w/o End
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now is that the plug in names cuse u just got me comfused lol πŸ˜›

ROTUE = Reign of the United Earth
FOTVE = Fall of the Voinian Empire

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