Golden Horizon - Part 3

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2. No total destruction (i.e. no annihilating the universe in one fractured sentence)
3. Your posts may only account for one weeks time and one day's action (action as in battle/fight/whatever)
4. No undefeatable protections (such as invincinaughts)
5. Tech and Civil advances are made during the set timeframe and are regulated by the moderators.
6. Lifepads (small modules that you can strap to your belt) give the character invincibility but he can still be captured and stunned. They may be used for one day at a time. You must state specifically in your post that you put one on, or else it doesn't count. You also cannot use them for other non-player characters.
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11. Supercruisers are massive warships that can take on entire fleets and still win. They are like base ships, and thus have their own bays for other ships and can be retrofitted to be used as shipyards. The only government which possesses supercruiser technology are the Azdgari. Supercruisers take a very long time to build.

NOTE: These laws are a slight variation of Roosters law, created by Roostersw, used by the Webstory Developers Commune (WDC). A few words and phrases were changed, however, these are still basicly the same laws.

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NOTE: It would probably also be best if you would check out the last few posts on the previous part of GH to make sure that you haven't missed anything.


1-The Current Allies:

Horoth/Renegade Alliance/Kayans

The current Enemies:

Akrahd vs. Everyone (xenophobic)
Rarkyl vs. Everyone (xenophobic)
Ediens vs. Everyone (xenophobic)
Pirates vs. Everyone (xenophobic)

2-The only government which is capable of creating the technology that would allow people to go to and from the Milky Way and the New Galaxy is the Kayian Alliance. They have already found a way to get through the sub-space rift and go in-between the Milky Way and Refugee Galaxy, but it can only be used at certain times.
3-There is absolutely no way anyone can get to the Andromeda galaxy except for the Ediens.
4-The Rarkyl and Horosk are currently just background development races to be brought in at a later time.



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(RST) = Researching Technology
(CP) = Colonized Planet
(CS) = Constructed Station
(IC) = Increased Construction (i.e. building a lot more ships, weapons, etc.)
(CC) = Constructing Supercruiser/Base Ship/Dreadnaught type vessel

NOTE: Per day is in realtime. Secondly, non-government characters do not get credits per day unless they actually control a planet or get some sort of income from another, larger government.

Ediens - 230 Million - -5 million per day (RST-Major) (CC) (IC)
Rarkyl - 141 Million - +1 million per day (IC)
Horosk - 90 Million - +2 million per day

Federation - 69 Million - +1 million per day (IC) (RST)
Voinians - 92 Million - +2 million per day (IC)
Igadzra Republic - 22.5 Million - +.5 million per day
Pirates (Milky Way) - 22 Million - +1 million per day
Kiran - 27 Million - +1 million per day

Igadzra Union - 58 Million - +1 million per day (RST)
Renegade Alliance - 6 Million - -2 million per day (RST-Major) (IC)
Pirates (New Galaxy) - 23 Million - +.5 million per day
Miranu - 64 Million - +1.5 million per day (RST)
Kayans - 50 Million - +1 million per day (IC)
Zidagar - 61 Million - +1 million per day (RST)
Azdgari - 55 Million - +1 million per day (RST)
Akrahd - 17 Million - +1 million per day (IC) (CS)
Horoth - 22 Million - +1 million per day (IC)


(Not counting Merchant Vessels)

Total:30 Million
Total In Milky Way: 1.75 Million in Milky Way
Igadzra - 68,000
Azdgari - 1,500,000
Zidagar - 200,000
Crescent - 450,000
Miranu - 90,000

Rarkyl - 11.5 Million
Horosk - 1.8 Million
Sladerei - 340 (Counting merchant vessels)

Voinian - 680,000
Federation - 705,000
Pirates (Milky Way) - 200
Igadzra Republic - 55
Kiran - 520

Pirates (New Galaxy) - 110
Igadzra Union - 270
Renegade - 380
Horoth - 430
Akrahd - 1,140
Miranu - 270
Zidagar - 350
Kayan - 370
Azdgari - 470


Edien - Edien - 40,000 ships
7th Fleet - Fed - Akrayhek - 100,000 ships
Akrahd - NSI-231 - 450 ships
Igadzra - NSI-231 - 200 ships

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Hawk Kael sat in his command chair, thinking on the manuver he would be performing. All around him were crew members doing their duties. On screen was the entire Kiran warfleet, 400 warships armed to the teath; and four aradas and three azdaras. Little over a hundred vessels would remain of the Kiran forces, but if this battle could be pulled off with even little or no surviving warships, it would give Federation and Voinian Empire a chance to invade Mark. The swirling patterns of hyperspace loomed about the ships, as if mourning those who would die in battle.

Hawk tapped his wristlink, opening a channel to 40 different warships, all Igazras. They had been designated Taskforce Live Bait. They would draw fire from those ships on patrol and three of them would bombard certain keypoints, away from what slave inhabbitits were onworld. This would cause the entirety of Mark’s defense fleet to scramble, coming up to deal with the menancing but pitiful defense force. The crews of all the Igazras would know what would come, and were ready for it, knowing their time would soon end.

“Live Bait, you are go for raid. We’ll meet in the end, where darkness will never reign. Fates guide you. Jump now!” Forty Igadzras broke from formation and moved some ways from the rest of the fleet; seconds later the jump to realspace was executed.

Mark’s system defense was on alert, as was to be expected in all Edien held systems in the Milky Way. They did not, however, to expect a full assault raid. As one captain of an Edien battlecruiser was looking over a report, his sensor officer shouted something. The captain looked up and cursed, well, whatever Ediens cursed. On the main veiwscreen was appeared several jump points opening, with weapons fire coming from them. The assault caught the entire fleet off guard.

The Igazras jumped into realspace, weapons blazing and heavy ordinace fire streaming to meet many Edien ships. Three seconds later, two more jump points opened just above Mark’s outer atmoshpere, and heavy ordincae fire bombarded key locations, one a small shipyard, the other open space. The results were devastating at the most, and it got the exact response necessary.

Mark’s defense fleet was scrambled within three minutes and thousands of ships were rising to meet the fleeing Igazras. The two bombarders were destroyed inside three minutes by several fighters and a few destroyers. The rest of the Igazras proved more difficult to destroy as they proved faster then expected. Yet before half were destroyed, the entirety of Mark’s defense force was far enough away from the planet. Big mistake on their part...

Hawk wacthed the battle on the screen and his face was grim because of what his next move would be. He tapped his wristlink and sent a signal to the four aradas and three azdaras, and the veered off and headed to certain points. The seven pilots would be performing what would be their last manuver.

During the a certain battle during the dark wars the Kisani race fought more then eight thousand years ago, a certain project was established. The Kisani military thought if a jump within hyperspace could be preformed, it would give them a new edge against the Enemy. They set it up so that a fighter would jump from Leeka to Kealmon, and as the ship was about to jump into realspace, the pilot would execute another jump just inside the hyperspace jump point. This would have hoped that this jump would send the fighter faster and further then even Kisani slipstream drives could. It was not the case. A massive energy wave spread out across a large part of space, caused by a hyperspacial wave of released energy. The slipcruiser, a powerful warship more then three hundered meters long and a hundered meters wide, exploded in a matter of one second, vaporized. The burst was sudden and devastating; the use for the double jump was then turned from a use of travel to a weapon rarely used during the Dark Wars. No records of it existed save in the hands of Kisani and the Kiran forces. It had not been deployed since...until now.

As the battle between the few remaining Igazra and the literly thousands of Edien vessels raged, seven spaced jump points opened very suddenly. One Edien Fleet Commander ordered they be targeted, but by then it was too late. The Edien ships picked up a weird reading...and all hell broke loose.

The four aradas and three azdaras executed the maunuver.

Seven massive readings came to every ship sensor as the last few Igazras were being taken care of. Seven explosions went off and the energy waves were unleashed. For the first and last time in more then eight thousand years, the Draen Manuver was executed, and it would haunt the memory and sleep of Hawk Kael in the centuries to come if he lived through this battle. Seven massive energy waves spread across the system, engulfing fighter after warship after Igazra. The cassulties were staggering. For more then ten minutes the waves continued until they dissapated. Two more minutes and the system was silent.

Until several jump points opened up and from them leapt the bulk of the Kiran fleet...all three hundered and sixty of them.

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Captain Varan looked at the sensor readings from the Mark system, then turned to Vice President Benden. "Sir, the Kiran have launched their attack and the shockwave is beginning to disipate. May I give the word to the fleet to prepare to invade?"

"Yes," Benden replied, "Send a preliminary, small reinforcement group. We'll send a larger one once we have enough ships ready."

"Yes sir."

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The Voinian interrogator looked almost startled for a moment at Admiral Ly'raks comment. Then he slowly moved over to a nearby lieutenant and whispered some instructions to him. "Put the base on Code 2 Alert. Call in three more platoons of soldiers to guard the base. In fact, call two companies. Inform all patrolling vessels to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, and make sure all outer patrol vessels watch for enemy fleets or armadas."

"Yes sir," the Voinian said, and walked off.

Then the Voinian went back to Ly'rak. "Well then, 'Emporer'," the interrogator said, his voice thick with sarcasm, "I want the exact locations of all Edien fleets on the front, as well as your next targets."

Ly'rak remained still.

The interrogator turned to three nearby soldiers. "Beat him."

The soldiers moved forward, batons in hand. They began to beat Ly'rak unmercifully, until after about five minutes later the interrogator called them off. He walked over to Ly'rak. "Care to talk now?"

"You'll never...get anything..out of me.."

The interrogator nodded to a Voinian, who flipped the switch, and sent electric pulses coarsing through the admirals body. The interrogator then held up his hand, and the operator lowered the intensity level to a much lower level. Not even to cause very excrutiating pain, but enough to keep him awake and in discomfort. "Do you feel the pain in that?" the interrogator said.

Ly'rak remained still, clenching his teeth.

"You think that's bad. Ha! That's nothing compared to what you'll get soon," the interrogator said, turning to the operator, who turned the pain level down even more. Then three more soldiers moved forward. Two of them restrained Ly'rak while the third injected some kind of serum into Ly'raks right arm.

Almost instantly Ly'rak felt pain shoot through his arm. It spread quickly to the rest of his body. It felt almost like he was on fire. As Ly'rak began to scream, the interrogator grinned. "Care to share with us the information I just requested now?"

Ly'rak clenched his teeth and shook his head, which was met by a fast punch from the interrogator. "We're done with the pain serum. Take him to his cell, restrain him, and give him the electric pulse torture."

Ly'rak was then taken away as the pain from the serum began to decrease. Apparently the Voinians were just giving him a taste of what he was to recieve. The admiral was then brought to a cell. No windows, no beds, no chairs, no nothing. There was only a small vent to make sure he didn't suffocate. The entire cell was made of concrete, but Ly'rak knew that there was metal under that.

The Voinian soldiers then strapped him to a chair that they had brought in, and then hooked him up to the electric pulse torture device. They turned it on, then left, closing the door and leaving Ly'rak in pich blackness and in some pain. They had put the device on a lower setting, so that it wasn't extremely painful, but painful enough to annoy Ly'rak considerably. He couldn't think, couldn't figure out how to escape, he couldn't do anything. He just sat there, restrained and strapped to a chair as painful electric pulses coursed through his body...


Voinian Captain Vahr'nek looked at the strange new alien vessels in the Smott system. They looked friendly enough. Vahr'nek responded. "We are the Voinian Grand Empire, Warriors of the Voinia, servants to the great emporer Nova6. We are currently engaged in a war against the Ediens, you may have heard of them. We come in peace, unless you provoke us. What do you want and what are you doing here?"

Long live the Rebellion!
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Benden sat in front of his desk in his state room, and read the contents of the datapad that was in front of him:

Research on the project is complete. Estimate five units from shipyards in three weeks(12 posts).

-Kayan Research Center"

The Ediens would run in fear of the Federations new superweapon, the Federation Dreadnaught!

"The heathens are upon us. Arm yourselves and go with God." Paul Benden, Commander of the Purple Sector Fleet, prior to the Battle of Cygni.

-We welcome this peace message Captain Vahr'nek. Before loosing against the Ediens more than two centuries ago, the Sladerei nation sent a small escape fleet into the deep vaccum with the hope that they would survive. We are the children of those brave Sladereis. When we developped the wormhole generator, we had they hability to find a better world that we could colonize and rebuild the Sladerei nation. What we want... In the best case a planet, if not, a docking port. Now I wish to talk with your great emporer Nova6. On this, have a good day Captain.

Nelson returned to his room, wondering what would happen in this new galaxy.

Salutations ŕ la vie

Barrages of fire opened up on the surving Edien ships in space. Six thousand were still on the ground, but that would most likely soon change. Of 15000 vessels, just under a thousand had survived the shock waves. But even those didn’t escape without damage, and a great deal many were disabled or in critical damage. Weapons fire was opened on them, and many Edien ships wer burning before they could truly fight back. Leading the charge was the Saer, and the massive sleek silver and black ship was dealing heavy damage.

Onboard Hawk was not on the bridge, but in the Battle Room. The Battle Room was an empty room within certain ships that could generate a massive hologram throughout the room, showing the entire battle or certain parts of it. It also enabled a fleet-wide communcations link, giving the fleet commander extreme command abilities. Right now, Hawk Kael was doing just that.

“Echo Lazrias Two, Ten and Five on that battlecruiser now! Fire all forward batteries and get it out of my sky! Aradas Amazon and Dered, intercept Destroyer Eight-niner; I don’t want it anywhere near Echo. Saer, full power to the forward battery and fire on the incoming Battlecruiser. Squadrons Seven and Eight intercept destroyers to the rear.” Hawk had speant a nearly century and more as a renegade, star pilot, and eventually, a leader. Yet in all those times, he had fought from a fighter or Arada, never a warship. Yet his veins flowed with the bloodline that could be traced back to the dark wars eight thousand years and beyond.

The room lit up with various images and lights, as if it were an ancient library detailing battles fought long ago. Three Lazrias sped towards a crippled battle crusier, cannons and turrets firing with SADs leading the way. The BC managed one last great barrage of turret fire, destroying Echo Two before it went exploded. Two Igadzra aradas intercepted a destroyer heading towards the two remaining Lazrias, cannon clusters blazing. The destroyer had enough power to destroy one and damage the other’s ability to manuver; which proved fatal as the arada crashed into the destroyer and a moment later blew from the sky. In one part, two fighter squadrons engaged three destroyers and the end result was many fighters and all destroyers in flames. The Saer herself fired her forward weapon, a cannon that released a blazing white beam of energy. The target, a damaged BC, took the brunt of it and the barrage of turret fire and was soon no more.

The images shifted as Hawk gave orders and direction. Then the images shifted towards Mark and the Kisani saw ships rising from the planet. Six thousand still remained, but the Kiran fleet had done enough massive ammounts of damage to both morale and ships. Mark had held a third of the Igadra Sector Fleet. Out of 22000, only 7000 remained, and the number of the thousand in space were quickly disapating. The first of the 6000 ships broke orbit and were slowly making for the Kiran ships.

It would be ending quite soon...

Seven Kiran warships, three modified Zidaras, two Igazras and two CWs , lay hidden from sensors by Mark’s shadowed side, were planning something. Mark was a military base and held little more then one hundered slaves in most rural spots. Thus the ships were planning something very crafty. They targeted key locations and slowly moved apart from each other. Their plan was very simple: bombard the military installations and main shipyards and landing pads. As the remaining defense force ships rose into space, the seven ships completed their final movements and did what they had planed.

They opened fire on their targets on the surface with everything they had. Quantum cannon and turret fire rained in great barrages and ordinance fire was unleashed. Stray ordinace would occasionly hit a rising Edien vessel, causing it to be bounced down some distance. The fire continued even after the buildings were most likely decimated, for even underground bunkers were to be destroyed. When much of the vital targets were complety destroyed, the ships veered off to join the battle in space.

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Captain Vahr'nek nodded to the com officer, who ordered several Voinian frigates, heavy destroyers, and cruisers to move in and escort the Sladerei fleet to Voinia.

Several days later, the Sladerei finally reached Voinia. However, most of them remained in orbit, and only Nelson went down to the surface in a Voinian frigate. Soon, he was on his way into Nova6's office.

Entering slowly, Nova6 turned around and surveyed the new alien race. "Captain Vahr'nek has told me of our encounter. So you say you're on the run from the Ediens?" Nova6 then turned around to get a glass of some Voinian Ale. "Yes," Nelson replied, and began to explain the history of the Sladerei and how they ended up in this galaxy.

Nova6 then turned around and offered Nelson a bottle of Voinian ale as he spoke. "So, what do you want? An alliance? A trading pact? A home? We may be able to get you the last one, at least for a little while."

Long live the Rebellion!
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While sitting in his chair Nelson looked at the room portraits of Borb and other great Voinians were placed at critical places in the office. THe on of Nova6 was just under the one of the Borb, like if he would have been his son.

- Since you are in war, I think that requesting from your part a home is not the best thing for you. However, a place where we could work togetheer to eliminate the Edien scum could be profitable to both of us. As we have less then four hundred vessels, I think that we cannot immediatly join the battle, but in a few weeks with the help from a shipyarding facility we could get into the inferno. Thank you for the hospitality, we honored your nation to help us to live one more day every day. I really hope that the two of us can work together. Can I taste this drink?

Salutations ŕ la vie

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SilverDragon's force leapt into action, not really out of line, but just in a formation that the Akrahd no doubt didn't understand or comprehend - a reef style formation, with a slight Igadzra uniqueness to it.

The two hundred ships under his command opened fire on the Akrahd, who were more disorganised than damaged by the explosion that the Igadzra Union had prepared for them. The Akrahd numbers poured out of the jumpgate, but for the first few seconds of the battle they were trapped within the Igadzra's circle, taking many losses.

Eventually, the Akrahd swarm broke forward into the reef of Igadzra vessels, and the losses started to even out slightly.

Akrahd losses: 41 vessels
Igadzra losses: 8 vessels
(note that ImmortalFirefly's next post in this battle will be with my losing my advantage over him completely, and the losses will likely be a lot higher on both sides)


Research Project: Igazrada
Time left: 4 real-time days (I think that's reasonable)

That's all very nice, but where are the guns?
- SilverDragon

It was at this point that the preliminary Federate reinforcement fleep jumped into the Mark system, and immediately started to pour fire into the Edien fleet. Guns blazing, the Federation ships charged valiantly forward. It was all they could do to give the Kiran enough time to survive until the main Federation reinforcement fleet arrives...


Suddenly, Scorcher walked into the meeting room on Kayia, and pulled Carnotaur aside. After talking with him for a while, Carnotaur returned to the meeting and Scorcher stood near the exit. Carnotaur addressed the representatives and leaders. "If you don't mind, I would like to stop the meeting for now and come back sometime tomarrow or the day after." Then Carnotaur approached Thunder and Rima. "I have something to show you that the Federation has been working on for some time. However, it's not what you're expecting, and has a small element of danger and it might scare you a bit. So that's why I'm only asking you to see it of your own free will. What do you say?"

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Rimawondered what the project could be that was dangerous. Well, the only way to find out was to go with him and see, now wasn't it. She let a small self-micking smile touch her lips and then turned it into a curious look."I say that I would like to see what this project is......Curiousty sometimes gets the best of us all." the last sentence she said softly and she doubted if anyone had heard. She hadn't meant for anyone to hear but sometimes people had sharp ears.

Of course Women don't work as hard as men....They do it right the first time.

Hawk looked at the incoming Federation ships coming to realspace with weapons blazing. Opening a channel to the newly arriven ships, the Kisani said, “Glad to see a helping hand. All your help is welcomed.” He turned back to battle at hand and veiwed the situations.

Many of the vessels from the planet had now become mobile and were heading spaceside. Some six thousand vessels would be rather hard to defeat. But the curret issue was the ones in space already; there had been many Edien ships blown, but they were ones that had been damaged badly by the shock wave. Something caught Hawk’s eyes and he acted promply.

Three destroyers and a somewhat damaged battlecrusier came at the Saer on multiple attack vectors with weapons fully charged. “Wolfpack Delta, get those destroyers off the Saer’s flanks. Saer ahead and down 120 and target that battlecrusier. Fire all turrets and arm forward battery. I want that ship taken out now.” Eight Lazrias and Crescent Warships veered off to attack the three destroyers. The Saer turned about and downwards 120 degrees to face an oncoming battlecrusier, which was already firing weapons on the massive Crusader. All the Saer’s batteries were focused on the ship and the forward beam cannon fired again. In mere moments, the Edien ship was nothing but another buring carcass in space. The destroyers were largely gone, but many of the Kiran vessels were out of commsion as well. The one remaining destroyer broke free of the three Lazrias harrasing it and roared towards the Saer...only to be cut down by the ship’s weapons grid.

By then much of the remaining Edien defense fleet had risen spaceside

The ships bombarding Mark’s military installations continued with massive barrages of quantum cannon and turret fire. Some of the rising ships were caught in it as well, and they were destroyed. Military base after shipyard after landing pad was pounded into exisentece. As the Edien defense fleet rose into the atmosphere, the Kiran vessels continued their job. They took heavy fire from Edien warships but still they pounded installations. Soon no Kiran ship remained in orbit above Mark, but the world below was glowing with many flares of fire as the targets burned.

Racet Base

Sisay walked down the halls of the asteroid base, feeling the emptiness of the place. It had been alive for so short a time, then Hawk Kael had decided on a major offensive on one system. Granted Mark was a major tactial holding, but four hundered ships? That would leave some hundered and twenty left, a few dozen of them being warships of various degrees, but most of them were aradas and fighters. The warships out there would most likely be gone; many of the people who served on board them were good people and his own friends.

Sisay looked out into the night of space as he passed a veiw port. This base had been a blessing, something that could be called home. For a good deal many years, the Revearence had been his home, where he had commanded at first a Miranu fleet and in later years Kiran forces. The emptiness of the base now reflected his mood. Then a ‘yahoo’ broke the silence. Sisay rushed down the hall to a room, where the outburst had occured. The occupant, a human scientist, looked up and silently motioned him over. Cuious, Sisay did so.

On a small console screen was a large amount of data and configuartions. It was a break through into strange form of energy. Called eon, the energy was usually unstable and couldn’t be mastered. Yet here was a formula in making it stable and in that event, there was also plans for a cannon and turret capable of firing it. All that was said was an outburst of the Miranu for of “Yahoo!”

Sisay looked at the scientist and said, “When can it be started?” The scientist said simply, “Now.”

Project Name: eon cannon/turret
Type: Energy Weapon
Time til comple: 6 posts

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Carnotaur smiled at Rima then turned to Thunder. "What about you?"


Benden was worried. The fleet was taking too long to assemble, and he was worried that the preliminary reinforcement fleet would not last long enough. Finally, he made up his mind. He would send another small reinforcement fleet to help the Kiran and Federate forces. It was composed of about 900 vessels, and soon it was on its way to Mark...

OOC: Whitehawk, you can control, if you want, when tbe Federation reinforcement fleet arrives and what they do.

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Kryptauros' fleet was surprised by the formation of the Igadzra. After they had broken through the fleet the freighters with warheads started on their journey into the main bulk of the fleet. Akrahd missles were flying everywhere. Plasma cannons and the Igadzra weapons were going nuts. Then suddenly a violent explosion happened. One of the frieghters had blown up in on of the main parts of the fleet. The explosion triggered a semi-chain reaction. 6 of the warhead freighters had blow up before they could reach the fleet and they damaged some of the Igadzra fleet along with the Akrahd. BOOM......KAZOOMBWowow.pstttttt............ssssss...boom. The freighters one after another were ramming into the Igadzra fleet. Now the Igadzra fleet was very spread apart and didn't have the advantage of being in tight quarters. You could tell when the Igadzra blew up the freighteres becuase their were only a few explosions now a lot of explosions. Now all of the warhead freighters had been destroyed and had disabled a major part of the Igadzra navy. Akrahd ships were swarming every which way, firing all that they could. The Akrahd had the advantage of having more ships with more beams and plasma cannons that could quickly disable a ship. Beams were very noticeable everywhere. Thoron beams and also Akrahd beams were shooting everywhere. Ships breaking apart and exlodeing were very noticeable. But the only things that you could here were the lasers you were firing and shaking the ship, and also the missles. It was quite peaceful. Suddenly an explosion on the port side of the ship.
"What was that!"
"Both port engines have been damaged sir."
"At least I can still move."
"What was that!"
"Starboard side has been hit. Right engines are down! The only engines we have are menuvering engines."
Kryptauros continued to fire and also menuver the ship. He knew that he only had the afterburner on his ship and his fuel was spewing out.
"Everyone in the ship get in an escape pod! Now! I'm going to overload the weaponry and use the afterburner to head into SilverDragons carrier ship."
"This is Emporer Kryptauros our ship has gone down I request assistance to pick us up. We have to jettison immediately. When your ships are starting to lose power and are beginning to die, charge the warheads of the remaining missles in your ships and ram into the fleet. We can't lose this battle."
"I'm on my way sir,"General Markolov said."I see you in my scanner. KEEP FIRING AKRAHD MISSLES! WE STILL HAVE 57 IN THE BAY LET'S MOVE IT!
Kryptauros and his crew were out in an escpae pod when they felt a ship come by. They saw an Izar head strait for the IFF Kryptauros. The ship collided directly with the crew section of the ship.

"Whew glad we didn't get that hit there. Afterburners...engage."

The ship sped off with all the fuel it could use up straight towards SilverDragons ships.

Akrahd losses: 150 ships
Igazra losses: 97

Reech is coming.
Get ready for it.

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"Ensign, give me a report on the progress of the dreadnought.."
"Yes, sir."
Project: RA Cruiser Construction
The Outer Hull is Complete, Along with 90% of the Shield Capacitator work.
Hyperspace Engines are 45% done, but trouble is expected in fine tuning the nav. engines.
Est Time till completion- 9 weeks (posts)

Times are to most recent estimates, subject to change
"Great... Now tell me how many Warships we have that aren't being used?"
"About 5, sir"
"Good.. I want to take away their glimmer milles' ammo, and load them up with as many SDM's as possible. Also get 15 Fighters as escorts, and send them on a lightning raid on the Barah system..." "Yes, sir.."
A few days later the ships are outfitted, and set off for Barah..

The Barah system is calm, as a small pirate fleet returns from a raid. All of a sudden, the sensors on the base go crazy as a hyperspace point opens outside of sight from the planet, and the 5 warships with escorts warp out. The Fighters engage the closest ships, while the Crescent Warships empty their SDM's toward the base and it's defense fleet. The Fleet engages a few aradas and Laziras on the edge of the system, but retreats to patrol RA space right as the SDM's hit their target. Several Important ground targets are reduced to rubble, and a good amout of pirate ships are destroyed or heavily damaged.
RA losses: 1 fighter
Pirate losses: 6 Aradas, 3 Laziras, 1 warship, several fighters that were caught within the blast radius of the warship and laziras, and a third of the military ground shipyards were destroyed.
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Lars Magna was furious. His base on Barah had been heavily damaged and his fleet had taken moderate loses, and the RA hadn't been strached! He turned to one of his better captains, Kain Nighthawk. "Take your fleet of 25 ships and destroy the RA fleet that attacked Barah. Once you're done, split up your fleet and send part of it to Barah, the rest back here."

Nighthawk nodded and rushed off with his personal guard to his fleet...


Nighthawks fleet, 25 ships total, mostly laziras, sat in the NSI-0003 system. They were waiting for 20 other ships from the base in NSI-3282 and Afa to arrive. Finally, the fleet arrived, led by Captain Julies Ringer, another rather notorious Pirate raider.

"What did you want me for?" Ringer grumbled.

"Our base on Barah was raided and heavily damaged. I have orders from Lars to hunt down the fleet and destroy them."

"Well lets get to it!" Ringer yelled, smiling.


In the Cetax system, the bulk of the fleet that had raided the Barah system flew through space on their regular patrol route. Suddenly, the silence was broken as the Pirate fleet hypeespaced in. They charged the RA fleet, which was taken aback by their sudden appearance. The two fleets charged each other, guns blazing. However, thought the RA had the advantage in long range, the Pirates, with their upgraded and fast vessels, soon closed the gap and used their superior close-range firepower, coming mostly from the new Enhanced Thoron beams, to cause mass havoc in the RA lines. The two fleets withdrew, then moved forward for another strike...

RA Losses: 2 Laziras, 1 Arada, 2 Helians, 5 fighters
Pirate Losses: 2 Laziras, 3 Aradas, 3 Fighters

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Millennium. Its coming, prepare for it.
Coming to the (url="http://"")EV Chronicles(/url).

The enery armour is almost completely operational, work just needs to be done on making it easier to outfit on ships. The power requirments are minimal, since it only activates when shields are down, since otherwise it is useless.

Aradas have now been fitted with Enhanced Glimmer Missles, improving their firepower massively.


“Open fire on the port side, now! Lazrias Twelve and Ten, on that destroyer; I don’t want it anywhere near this ship. Saer, I want that Battlecrusier off us.” Hawk wacthed from the holo-images as the massive Edien ship came bashing its way through to get to the Crusader. The battlecrusier was recently from the planet, and as such had little damage done to it. The Saer could knock it from the sky, but it would take time; and that was what Hawk intended to do.

The battlecruiser reached outer fire range when it was assualted by a barrage of quantum missiles. This stopped it for a bit, but it came right on still. When it reached optimum fire range, a barrage of energy fire came from the Saer’s disrupter turrets, all forty firing in usion. The forward battery was fired and a blazing white beam cut into the BC. Before the Edien ship ever managed to put up a true fight, it was dead.

Some time went by and the battle was begining to turn in the Edien’s favor. They had the advantage of sheer numbers and the Kiran ships were slowly dropping as well as the Federation vessels that had come. The Saer was beset on multiple vectors by five Edien destroyers and a group of figthers. “Squadron Dela, on Saer now! Get those fighters from this ship. Saer power forward battery on the front frigate and fire turrets on frigates five and three.” The Saer fired on the named targets as a sqaudron of azdaras came blazing in through to tear into the Edien fighters. The fighters broke off assault and headed after the azdaras. Soon all the destroyers were destroyed or burning up.

Hawk caught something at the edge of his sight. A group of eight Edien BCs were heading for the Saer. Hawk cursed and knew it was time to test the limits of this ship. “Group Manta, do as much damage to that Edien cluster. Saer take us about 250 degrees. Target all Edien warships and fire all remaining missiles at those ships.” A group of twelve Crescent warships broke off, nearly four dozen Zacha and Zidagar fighters trailing them; they went with their motherships into battle at all times. The Saer came about and many missiles laucnhed from the ship, overtaking the fighters and warships and hitting many of the Battlecruisers.

The fighters reached the cluster first and quantum cannon fire, pursuit missiles and phased beam fired upon the rear two battlecrusiers and they were forced to withdraw. One ship went up in flames and the other was disabled. What remained of the Kiran fighter swarm returned and helped in the engagement by drawing fire. The Kiran warships and the Edien cluster met then and it was brutal. The Warships came in an three pronged attack and two more Edien ships were taken out of commision. Yet it was over soon and the bulk of the battlegroup was scattered among the rest of debris. The fighter group was gone soon after. A federation frigate came towards the ship on a left-most vector and opened fire and dealing some damage, but frigate was toast inside a minute or two.

Hawk grimaced at all this and as the Edien cluster came through, he knew it would be near the end. The Crusader could take on ten battlecrusiers, but not all at once. Four would be very close if their weapons’ grid was fully charged on them. As soon as they entered outer-fire range, Hawk ordered all weapons fired. Disrupter fire hit the leading BC and it kept on coming. It entered beam range and the forward battery was fired. Still the cruiser came. Hawk said his prayers and he knew his ship was doomed. If he went down fighting he might as well take down four battlecrusiers. “Crusader Saer, this is Commander Hawk Kael.”

The computer voice said, “Voice identification recognized. What is your orders, Commander Kael?” Hawk took a deep breath and said, “Saer, activate self-destruct sequence, 3 minute countdown. Code Kael Alpha Kisa gam...”

Hawk’s concentration was broken by several brillant bursts on the holo-imagers. They were jump points, several dozen of them. Anticipation gripped Hawk; he did not know if they were Edien reinforcements or something worse. His fears were dashed when weapons fire came from the jump points, hitting several Edien ships. The four battlecruisers were hit by concentrated fire as well. From the jump points jumped one image Hawk Kael was glad to see. The mainstay of the Federation main reinforcement fleet had well as the nine hundered other vessels sent.

A com signal came through to the Battle Room from one of the Federation Battlecrusiers. “Commander Kael, this is Colonel Hunt of the Artemus. We’re here to help.”

Hawk smiled and responed. “Colonel, welcome to the Battle of Mark.”

A small squadron of eight aradas and a Lazria were on patrol in the outer part of the inner system of Racet. They were mainly there to wacth for any renegade incursion or Edien scouts. One pilot strayed a little from the main group and was floating when his sensors picked up three blips. Looking at the scanner, the human pilot decided to investigate. The thrusters of the ship powered up and for ten minutes, the Kiran saw nothing. The blips appeared again, and he found he was right on top of them.


The arada turned down 180 degrees and the pilot looked out his cockpit window. He gave a startled curse and went in for a closer look. He stopped sixty meters away and saw three ships. The pilot had not seen such a design in over one decade, not since the Voinians took the UE.

Beneath the arada were two United Earth destroyers and a UE Carrier. The sensors showed no signs of life or any damage to the ships. They were simply lifeless. The pilot let out an oath and opened a link to Racet. “Racet Base, this is Vector Five reporting. Send out some frieghters and a trio of aradas to grid five location Delta five by seven mark eight, and make sure they have tractor beams. You won’t believe what I just found...”


Project Name: Code Eon
Type: Cannon/turret weaponry
Time til completion: 5 posts

(url="http://"")A Pilot's memory(/url)
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