What ships are good in EV/EVO?

I am sitting here and wondering, what ships should I use in EV and EVO?
For instance:

Is Crescent warship worth 9m?
Should I get a Lazira before I buy a crescent warship?
Should I buy a Crescent warship (I want one :)!)
Was it worth it to buy an Arada?
Is a Rapier better then a lightning?
Am I asking to many stupid questions?...

Austin Smith

For some reason, I have never gotten around to playing EVO very much. I'd probably register it, if I played it. Oh well, someday. Maybe when 1.0.2. Anyway, I can answer your EV questions. The answer is: A Rapier is NOT better, IMHO, than a Lightning. I personally don't think very highly of either of those ships, except as escorts. They are pretty good at that. However, I would not recommend buying either of them.

A Crescent Warship is a pretty damn good ship, but I'll have to think about whether it's worth 9 millions, now that you mention it.

A Lazira is a good ship. High strength, toughness and maneuverability.
And it will allow you to plunder more renegades and do more Zachit missions, both of which pay rather well.

An Arada is worth it's money. Especially if you buy all three engine upgrades. Expertly piloted, it is a threat to anything from fighters to light capital ships. And it's even got decent cargo.

And THE best ship IMO is the Azdara. High speed, ultra-high maneuvrability and a very high shield regeneration rate. And room for three swivel phase cannons. What else do you need?

Hey, I like plundering renegades ;)! I am thinking about getting a Lazira, which I think is pretty cool. I might get a freight-courier, but I do like my Arada. The freight-courier would enable me to do missions with more cargo space required, but I don't know that it would be fast enough.

Off of the EVO subject, what is the best way to buy ships, ascending to the

Ummm- you make money.

I think he means, what ship to buy, after what ship, if you want to keep getting better ships.

My usual sequence is: Shuttle, Scoutship, Clipper, Corvette, Kestrel, Cruiser (Rebel or Confed). This is good for a trader who doesn't mind some fighting. However, depending on how you play, this might not be the best setup for you.

I know- I was just being a bit silly. (Trust me- it's normal.)

I do: Shuttle - Scoutship - upgrade Scoutship - upgrade Scoutship - upgrade Scoutship - upgrade Scoutship for about 80 times - plan to go to Corvette - still in Scoutship - plan to go to Kestrel - realize that I don't have enough money.
Scoutship is the best ship for me!
By The Way, why do you downgrade from Scoutship to Clipper?

I am more of a trader type. I like the extra cargo space. If I wanted to do more fighting, I would stick with scoutship.

I'm also more of a trader type, but I go from scoutship to courier because I'm also rather absent-minded and I tend to forget how much fuel I have.

Now I am wondering wether it would be good to buy a lazira. I am planning to get a Lazira, and then buy a Crescent Warship. Is a Lazira a good ship in the means of cargo? How about speed? (I think it's pretty good...) Is it very good for fighting?

I love my Arada in EVO. It has a fuel scoop, ECM, pursuit missiles, 2 Emalghian cannons, 2 phase cannons, a pusuit missile launcher,an afterburner, and an IFF decoder. I play mostly as a trader/explorer, but it's nice to be able to get away while defending myself if necessary. I was thinking of upgrading, since I have the money now, but I really like my Arada!

Wow, your Arada is better upgraded then mine... I have 2 needle launchers, and have never been to far into Voinian space, much less Emalgha (Except with a doctored up pilot file ;)). But I do like the IFF decoder. It is wonderful.

Here's a tip:

When plundering renegades, go after the Turncoats. They usually have a lot of cash. 😉

IMHO, the Lazira is one of the best ships in EVO. I tried a Cresent Warship and it was fun for a while, but I ended up going back to the Lazira.

Maybe I will too, and get a launch bay and the three Crescent fighters you get in a warship.

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here's what i do... shuttlecraft->marandu courier->adzara->cresent warship

--i imediatly ditch the fighter bay, since it's for wusses, and stock up on cool weapons, like persuit missiles. i seem to like swivel cannons lately. they are fun. the speed upgrades are a must.

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The fighter bay is second to useless. Three weakling fighters for 80 tonnes of space? It just ain't worth it.

And that's Miranu, not marandu.

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Squid fizzy, how can you say that a azdara is the best ship in space??? and what do your azdara look like after an unfair kiss with a pair of rockets???
I think the best ship in EVO is the biggest, I mean the voinan dreadnought, but It's disabled if you don't have some plugs and it's very slow, but try the igadzra, it's the best I think, because it isn't to slow , it has the second best shields and armor in space and it's so fun to fight against 3 or 4 crescent warships with a triple rocket launcher or a big flamer included in plugs (I can't remember this name, maybe a syphoon)Е
Be allied with the Igadzra and buy one of their cruiser (or disable one) and then equip him the best as you can and you will be the ruler of the EVO's galaxy!

The Azdari Enhanced Arada. Best ship you can get, period. I believe the only better ship is the enhanced Azdari, but you can't get that. Besides, I like using the Arada better, because if you happen to be hit by several missiles at a time the Enhanced Azdari is dead. Also, theres no room to carry space. If you do go for the Enhanced Arada, don't complete the mission you capture it on, as you will want to keep that station you are sent to destroy. Then, put in the triple agent plug and get the Zidigar space reduction.


The Igazra is the second best ship you can buy in the game. What do I care if the Azdara cannot withstand a hit with a rocket (it actually can) if the rocket cannot hit me?

Of those ships you can buy in the game, the Azdara is not only the best, but also the most fun ship to fly.

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I have flown every ship in the game (except the Disco Bison's(or is that Bull?)), and I found the Azdara (actually the enhanced one, but it just ain't fair to use that ship in my opinion) to be the best.

Before you flame me (and I do the same, and this turns into a "The Igazra is best!" "No, the Azdara is best!" "No , the Igazra is best!" topic), let me tell you that I view the choice of ship as a matter of personal preference.